Collarless Shirt Company top, H&M black trousers, Céline Mini Cabas tote, Carel Paris Litchy sandals
and Céline Thin Preppy Sunglasses from GlassesOnlineHK.

How lovely is this park? I don’t say the word lovely very often but it really just is. You’ll see what I mean when you scroll down more. It’s not very large but the pond in the middle surrounded by the curved steps and ginormous trees all around make me feel like I’m in NY’s Central Park. Walking around the winding edge of the pond and looking up at the overgrown trees and few tall buildings had me instantly transported back to New York especially on this extremely clear, blue sky and breezy day that’s if you can mentally block out all the old Chinese people and children running all over the place (the park is smack in the centre of XinTianDi 新天地 after all!) This was the perfect opportunity to break out my new Carel sandies! Carel is one of those classic Parisian brands that you’re guaranteed to find something you love that you know will also be super comfy. Can’t wait to show you guys the other pairs I got, including HEELS. Yes HEELS. I’m really trying to bring them back into rotation but..I just keep turning to my comfy flats! Ahhhh how can I not right?!

I took full advantage of the sunny day and wore my new Céline sunnies from GlassesOnlineHK! These are my second pair of Céline sunnies and I’m obsessed with them. I’ve worn them on every sunny day since receiving them and you should know that is ALOT since wearing contacts is such a big pain for me but these are totally worth it. Over the years of buying sunglasses, I’ve come to find that buying from local regional sites like GlassesOnline are so worth it. They’re catered to South East Asia so it’s guaranteed fast shipping, great service and SO many options. Some other pairs I was eyeing instead of these Célines were these Prada Cinemas, Céline New Prettys or the cute round Ray-Ban aviators I keep seeing on everyone. Also, in case anyone is looking, they have the Tom Ford Nastasyas that were so hard to find a few seasons ago! Remember I wore them here?

Oh oh oh and if you’re looking to buy something, here’s a handy GlassesOnline 10% off coupon code: SUPERWOWOMG10. Feel free to tag me on instagram (d@superwowomg) to show me what you got! I’ll probably be super jealous cos I love (and want hehe) ALL sunglasses!

Oh wait oh wait one last thing before I go (before this post gets too wordy). Can we just OMG at my new Céline tote for a second!?!??!?! It’s an early birthday present (my birthday’s next week!) that I got in London! To be fair, the cost is so much lower in Europe compared to Hong Kong and China so it was very worth it, especially after VAT refund!! The size and the option of the long strap is so perfect for toting around everyday. I was deciding between the all black or the duo color and went for this one since it’s “different” from most of my all black bags! Yay love it so much :) Now everyone please convince Nanz to get the all black version for herself too!

Danger Danger, High Voltage!

What did I tell you about this park yeh?

Yoga’s paying off right? Right? RIGHT? #killingit

Guys you have no idea how much ab work out was required to take this photo wahahaha


Just like Central Park right?!?!?!?

This will not be the last time you see these sunglasses…sorry in advance!


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