H&M skirt, Cotton On bodysuit, Zara leather jacket and bag, Jeffrey Campbell Whip-2 shoes and DIY pin necklace.

I am so unbelievably tired right this post is gonna be pretty much all pictures..minimal words.

Wore this outfit the other day to a charity ball where I had donated some of my t-shirts as table prizes. That Zara bag looks totally amazing but it seriously a bitch when it comes to wearing tights. The little studs aaaaalways hook onto my tights and snag them. I’ve had to throw away 3 pairs of tights so far because of that bag.

Aaaand this is the super package that I had been waiting for for so long!! The amazing wonderful people at SoleStruck were supppppppper nice and sent me my first pair of Jeffrey Campbells!! I had my eye on the leopard print Whip-2‘s for a while but definitely prefered it in all black instead so when I found that solestruck had an all black calf version I went nutssssssssssss. They are my first pair of Jeffrey Campbells and I have to say…they’re ooooooooookay comfortable hahaha. I mean they are gorgeous and surprisingly well-made but for someone who doesn’t wear 4″ heels everyday, they get a little tiring after a couple of hours. I’m normally used to my 4″ or 5″ heels having at least a 1.5″ or 2″ platform. Regardless, these shoes are amazing and they’re so so so so so worth getting. The style is on-trend now that creepers are all the rage..yet the all black and buckles are trends that could last forever. And if you’re not fully sold on the creeper trend like I am, at least they’re not actual creeper creepers. I know, I know, they’re just “copies” of the Phi creeper boots but when you live on a measly struggling graphic designer salary..these Jeffrey Campbells are the perfect substitute!

I also have to say that the people over at solestruck are incredibly kind and helpful and it certainly helps that they have such a great selection of shoes! Are you like me and have been drooooling over the Sam Edelmen Zoe boots that everyone and their mother wants/has? Well no worries, solestruck has them in stock! And if you need any more convincing, solestruck has free worldwide shipping on all international orders over $199us. DUDE SO WORTH IT. You have NOOOO idea how much I hate shipping costs. And what’s worse, MAJORITY of the sites that I’d want to order from DONT EVEN SHIP TO HK!?!?. Like srsly, wtf…Hong Kong is tied at #8 under the BEST CITIES IN THE WORLD. THE WORLD PEOPLE. NUMBER 8.

Anyway, here are some of my quick picks from their new arrivals that you should all check out:

JC Belgium, Clarks Desert Boot, Sam Edelmen Zoe and JC Jenny-C.

On a side note: UGH those Zoe boots kill me! Been thinking about these for soooo long as well..ughhh they would fit so well into my wardrobe!!! I guess I’ll just keep dreaming for a while then ):

Speaking of shoes: the other day I went out with Julie to granville road (cheap shopping galore) and spotted these super super amazing studded boots. I was so close to getting them…seeing that they were only $250hk (abooout $30us) SO CHEAP yeah..but didn’t think they were worth it? I mean they’re the type of cheap shoes that just after a couple of wearings, the heel will start to slope sideways and you’ll be hobbling around before you know it. Before I went to the store I had never seen these anywhere but literally the SAME DAY after I saw them, I saw at least 3 different girls wearing the exact I guess it’s good that I didn’t get them!

Awww..but look how pretty they are!!!!!!!!!!! And they were surprisingly suuuuuuuuuuper comfortable!!!

And while we’re on the subject of cheap shopping, the other day I spotted this pair of creeper boots in a small boutique in Causeway Bay. Hmmm is it just me or do they look really FAMILIAR?? I gotta say though, these are some pretty good imitations…

And while we’re on the subject of imitations, EVERYone and their MOTHER has a Chanel bag in Hong Kong…now whether they’re real or not is another story. Seriously Chanel-“inspired” bags are everywhere. Anyway I spotted this one literally 5 steps after I saw the creeper copies hahahah so funny.

And while we’re on the subject of Causeway Bay, the other day I FINALLY got a new pair of Vans. Been needing a new pair of regular lace-ups for the longest time..hehe and now me and PB can match!

And while we’re on the subject of Vans, check out this shot of PB’s shoerack. As you can tell, he LOVES Vans..although 2 in this shot are mine. I myself have..hmm i think 8 pairs of vans hahaha.

oh and look it’s my PB! heaheahe

Oh and while we’re on the subject of things I love, hehe, here is a bowl of dinosaur shaped macaroni with fishballs that I tweeted about a couple of weeks ago. No joke, there’s a stegosaurus, brontosaurus, a t-rex and some other blobbies. (Cath, this ones for you :D)

Anddddddd do you guys recognize someone in this pic?? Hehaehaheaeh spotted him again a few weeks ago.

And here are my halloween pics!!!!! Me and my friends steered clear of the slutty route and decided to do a group thing so we all went as super nerds. We literally wore everything exactly the same haha it was so fun. Only thing is that I think the bow-tie threw everyone off, they thought we were waiters, which kinda sucks but oh wells it was a really fun night :D Maybe I’ll post more actual party pics when Julie sends them to me. I’m already sooo excited for next year’s halloween :D heaheah so fun!!

Oh and there were another couple of nerds at the place we went to and it was sooo funny cos they were standing at one side of the bar (circular) and we stood literally right across them so there was major serious nerd staring contest!! hahaha so funny we ended up taking a funny pic with them so I’ll post that next time :D


Very Wednesday Adams hair

Hellz yeah. At one point I flipped out my mini-notepad cos someone asked for my email address for a pic and they were like “oh are you a waiter???” ughhh noooo!

hahahaha i think PB was hooking his keys on to his belt loop in this pic.

lulz yay :D

Okay I suggest you scroll right past this next batch of photos if you get a little queasy looking at weird/gross looking stuff…although these look absolutely scrumptious to me :D

So the other day me and my family had DAI JAP HAI 大閘蟹 which is Shanghainese Hairy Crab. Duuuuude seriously yummmmy. Anyway it’s a seasonal delicacy famous in Asia where the crab is steamed and then taken apart, bit by bit. The crabs are MAGIC CRABS where one can cost up to $400 hk (about $50us) but seriously if you’ve never had this ever in your life, I definitely recommend you at least try it.

rawrrr crabby crabby crabby

when you buy them they’re tied up in..i dunno what and you steam them like that. Before they’re steamed they’re greenish muddy colour and once steamed, they turn orangey goodness.

wahahhaha gross? no wayyyy yummmmmmm

lol my brother saved up the crab meat to enjoy in one big bite.

And lastly, the ROE…yummmmmm..this was my crabby. LOTS of roe :D slurrpppy slurrrppyy yummmm and incase you don’t know what it is, it’s basically the crab eggs :D

Every now and then some people ask me general questions in my comments so I’ve decided to answer them once in a while after they’ve accumulated a little:

how do you make the moving pics?
animation palette in adobe photoshop.

Just wondering..where do you get your sense of style from?
Uhhh…I get it from…my…head? i unno? haha so hard to answer. I mean of course I’m influenced by trends, blogs, magazines etc and obviously I, like many others, have a “fashion” (or sth related) named folder on my laptop where I look to for inspiration but essentially..nannies makes me final clothing decisions! lulz. jokes!

Oh and you never told us what your fav trend is, so what is it?
My favourite trends right now are probably pouch necklaces, hints of fur (going to make myself a little furry pouch necklace soon) and leopard print. Otherwise, most of my stuff is pretty classic or plain..stuff that I can wear anytime, any year. (btw, this question is in regards to the little competition I’m doing)

(re: my teaching on Sats): what do you teach them actually? and did you have to do any training?
There’s like a set syllabus/booklet that I have to follow so I don’t really need to think too hard..although I do prepare some games and stuff to play with them once we finish what we have to do. And no I didn’t have to do any training..but this isn’t my first time teaching either.

is he living in hk at the moment? and what does pb even stand for?!
lulz yes PB is living in HK now..he’s been here for like…4 months? PB stands for…..lots of things waahaha ;)

may I know what camera you use?
Yez you may. I use a Nikon D50 with standard lens. Actually looking into buying some new lens. Any recommendations?

I was wondering if your bf moved to HK for you? Does he speak Mandarin or Cantonese? Before you moved to NYC, how’d you learn English/ how much did you know?
Nope, PB doesn’t speak Mandarin nor Cantonese and before I moved to NY, I only spoke I’m all about the English. In fact, I barely speak Chinese and if I do, my accent is pretty off. My family speaks English at home and I went to a British primary and secondary school.

You should feature your sister more often in it..we rarely see..just a suggestion..hope she doesnt find it weird or anything
Lulz, ALAN, ALAN, ALAN, ALAN, ALAN. Any comments Alan? Okay anyway…..actually NINZ has her own blog! which is why she’s not on here as much..cos I like to save the pics of her for her to post on her own blog!!

Picture 18

Oh recently, Refinery29 featured me in one of their trendspotting posts about safety pins, showing my DIY safety pin necklace. I looove R29 so being on their website totally made my day :D Thanks guys!

And lastly, don’t forget to enter my little competition to win THIS:

Just click on the photo above, or here, to go back to my previous post. To enter in the competition all you have to do is comment, telling me your favourite trend and don’t forget to leave an email address that I can contact you with!

Also, ppl entering the competition can leave your comments here too but please don’t enter twice..that won’t up any chances!!

Deadline is this Sunday Nov 8th so better hurry!!!!


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