Pretty lingerie, pretty lingerie, pretty lingerie

Artwork by myself and sha. haha.

So Valentine’s day is almost upon us..not that I really believe in it or that I rejoice in love on especially that day…me and my bf tend to just celebrate the day after since that’s our anniversary and a week later is his Valentine’s day really isn’t anything to us. However, it is fun to look at all the pretty lingerie that is so admired for this lovely saint’s day…not that lingerie can’t be admired everyday.

A selection from Topshop, Vickie Secret, Forever 21, American Eagle and Agent Provocateur

Oh and I forgot to add my two favourites:

Top: Mimi Holliday by Damaris (Net-A-Porter)
Bottom: Vickie Secret

I think about 75% of my underwear collection either has some sort of ruffles or big bow on it. I love love love really girlie underwear, especially bloomers that’s why pretty much all of the ones pictures above are sooo girlie, if only I could buy all of them!!

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