Uniqlo plaid shirt, Monki long jacket, Uniqlo jeans, Marche ballet flats and Céline Trapeze bag | Susan Sng crucifix and Moratorium Iridescent cut-away pyramid necklace. Jason is wearing Starcow Paris beanie, Supreme oxford shirt, Acne jeans and Nike Air Max 1 CMFT PRM Tape.

Whoops it’s been a week or so huh? I’m back in Hong Kong right now with the cutest little munchkin of all time and the days leading up to this trip have been jam-fully-packed with hard work. I can’t believe we’re already in March! March is going to be a toughy..and I’m pretty much only going to be at home in Shanghai for less than a week this whole month. I have a super exciting project coming up soon that is requiring all my time and effort but it’s so major that it’s totally worth all the late night work hours.

We shot these photos back in January when we we’re in Hong Kong again for Chinese New Year. I’m all about this new long Monki jacket I recently picked up. It’s so thin and light and with the cropped sleeves, it’s the perfect summer jacket to throw over tank tops and leggings. I always gotta be layering even in the summer! I am super NOT looking forward to Shanghai’s hot hot heat..maybe we can escape to somewhere a bit coooooler during those months (let’s just say Alaska sounds really fun every time summer rolls around). Anyway, strutted out on this semi warmish day back in January to have yum cha at our favourite spot Che’s with some old Hong Kong friends that we hadn’t seen in a while. Love that place and now that I’m slowly reintroducing pork back into my diet..the Cha Siu Chan Bao at Che’s is sounding REALLY good right about now. Lucky for me, we’re heading there tomorrow for lunch!

Just one hit of 出前一丁 MSG to start the day, no biggie.

Moratorium angular stack rings and Jennifer Zeuner Love Chain ring

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♡ I’m from Hong Kong, what can I say? I got a major case of the 公主病 (Princess syndrome). hehehhe just keeeeding ꋧ(⁎ˊ̭ સˆ̀)◞₎̵₎

Tea time at The Coffee Academics!

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