H&M sweater, H&M shorts, random tights, PedderRed suede wedge oxfords, H&M DIY studded bag, Shou necklace (hehe)

Wowwwwwwwwww it’s been a while huh? I really don’t intend on making my updates so far apart from each other..but sometimes..regular life (i.e. PB, sleeping, shopping and working) gets in the way. Oh and I wanted to ask: how do you guys feel about these major major humungo updates every like 3 weeks or so, or would you prefer that I update with shorter posts but more often?? Let me know and I’ll def. try to accommodate :D

So last week, on November 29th, it was my bestfriend Julie’s birthday. I organized a nice little surprise sort of lunch at this great place called Pressroom that serves sort of typical western brunch. Food like this is hard to find in HK so we normally only go for special occasions. I got there on time..even 10 minutes early even though I wasn’t feeling great (McD’s at 10pm the night before was NOT a good idea) and of course eeEeeeveryone was about an hour late -___- lol even later than the birthday girl herself! I always say this but I really should tell my friends lunch is like an hour earlier than it really is..just so they’d actually get there on time -.-

I ordered the mac and cheese..which ended up having ham in it so I didn’t eat it ): all menus should always list out what’s in the dish -.-

me and the birthday girl!


PB outfit details; H&M jacket, Ralph Lauren oxford, H&M pants and Zara boots.

And carrying on with the surprises, we surprised julie with tickets to RAIN! Her favourite korean lovuh bad boy~. We sat front row of the 2nd section..so not too far! Lol I had only heard rain’s FIRST song ever that he released like a million years ago so all the songs that night were all new to me. A few days before the show, we went to the premiere of Ninja Assassin and Rain was there too. It’s seirously so funny seeing like middle aged women go gaga over him and these HK women can’t even properly pronounce his name (it sounds just like “LEH” when they scream for him” – cos Chinese language doesn’t have an “R” sound..) Anyway the show was really entertaining and he’s a pretty good performance. Half the time I thought his moves were quite…feminine lol but I guess thats his style..and he’s such a tease~ stripping and UNBUCKLING his belt..only to buckle it back LOL Julie was oooooooooooo~~~~~~~~ ing. hahahahahaha.

Before the show

About to start!

Wooooo it’s rAiNiNgGgGgG~~~~~~~~~~ LOL

It was his last show in HK so at the end they had a major water fight on stage..looked soooo fun

LOL after the show outside the arena everyone was taking pics and I was just so lucky enough to have snapped a pic of Rain’s BIGGEST fan!!!!!!!!! LOLLLLLLLLLLLL

On Saturday I strolled around with Julie in TST. Again we went to one of those local malls that Suzie Bubble actually just blogged about (Lei See/Rise shopping mall off Granville Road). There were sooo many amazing knock-offs and imitations…they really are SO tempting at just a smidgen of the price of the real deal. And most of the sales lady claim that they’re “real~ lambs-leather” and the leather really does feel super soft….but I dunno sometimes I can’t bring myself to buy an exact replica of a designer item…”inspired-by” items would be better.

Spotted these AMAZING Rodarte-knock-offs. Seriously SO tempting..the leather was BUTTERY soft…and the shoe was only like $900..which is just above $100usd..which is Seriously just a fraction of the actual Rodarte price.

I ended up just getting these fleece hand warmer things from Uniqlo (that miss chico blogged about before hehe). haha me and PB took loads of photos of my new gloves..lol when we were having our early bird dinner at 5.30pm LOL. We are seriously like old people..early bird dinners, in bed by 10.30pm..stay in on friday and saturday nights.

I got this super yesss pen from Muji. It’s all geometric and yay-like. It’s just some double ended marker haha.

This is PB…….piggy baby hehehehehheehe :D

Since me and PB had such an early dinner that Saturday..we bought some snacks from Muji to munch on while we watched Lolita <3

Me and PB took another trip over to Macau on Sunday. We pretty much did the exact same thing we did last time..went to the same giant mall thing called City of Dreams. We wanted to be adventurous and go somewhere new..but those crepes we had last time were calling out to us.

This is the JetFoil boat that IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII took over to Macau.

And this is the little Dingy that PB had to ride in LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. Notice how the motor isnt even in the water..that’s cos he had to use his hands and PADDLE his way over HAHAHAHAHA oh PB..


And now some randoms…

Rained today..luckily I have my Agnes B LIGHTING umbrella :D

Okay I’m just gonna go ahead and say that I’m totally neutral about REAL FUR…but this coat was seriously just begging me to try it on. This is my mom’s silver fox fur coat. I don’t think she’s worn is since like the 80s..but it’s SO ridonkulous that I just had to try it on and snap a pic for you guys. I would never wear this out..mostly cos I’d look ridiculous and humungo. Also, random, but this was taken in my room (that i share with my sister and my mom’s work table -.-).

LOL LOL LOL and this, my friends, is my 25 year old brother. He goes “D, D, let’s see how many scarves we can wrap around me!!” LOL…TWENTY FIVE yrs old hahahaha. I think we only managed to get like 5 around his head before he got too hot hahaha.

AND LASTLY, here’s a little quick guessing game for you guys…lol which one is my friend Julie and which one is CL from Korean pop-group 2ne1. LOL I seriously cannot believe how INSANELY similar they look. No joke they could be twins or at least sisters.

Just wanted to say thanks to all my readers for always coming back and visiting..you guys are the best :D
Oh and don’t forget to let me know if you prefer these LONG and MAJOR but sporadic (learnt this word from Clueless -true story) posts..or if you would like me to update more often with shorter updates?

heahehahehae oh my next update should be something good…hehehe expect a video!!! I probably won’t be talking..but heahehae you’ll see :D oh and I can’t wait to show you guys me new shoes that I should be receiving soon!!
okay bye now!

  1. I always enjoy your posts :) and i prefer long and major ones! :) enjoy your week!

  2. I love all your posts bursting with life and cuteness :D
    that h&m sweater looks so amazing. i thought it was like Chloe or something…which reminds me that i need to go do an h&m shopping spree sometime soon!

    hmmm…maybe post more often with 2 or 3 event photos? then i get to have more frequent dosages of your awesome life :)

  3. I used to drink that Ramune drink a lot. Where you pop that marble and it just sets there in the neck of the bottle. :) Ah, I miss Japan and it’s quirky snacks.

    I adore those lace-up wedge boots. :)

  4. ahhh i love ur blog :D
    i reckon u should post more often with shorter posts!
    btw what camera do you use to take pictures? because they look so fab!
    keep up the good work i enjoy reading ur blog a lotttttt.

  5. ahahaha oh man so much fun!!! XD it’s so great how you’re able to just take weekend trips to Macau… there just always seems to be so much to do in HK!!

    btw, did you receive my email?? :DD about me going to HK in dec?? (omg it’s dec already haa) heh do you think you’ll be free to meet up? and just wondering, did you manage to get some of those beads fo me? do let me know k so i’ll know how much to pay you back?? :D thanks!!

    and omgg your brother seems like…. a brother. what fun!! XD

  6. LOL i was just thinking that she looked like CL before I scrolled all the way down. I like your long posts actually. It’s not too much. Sometimes bloggers have posts EVERYDAY and I get overwhelmed. I’m one of those people that have to click every single e-mail to make sure my e-mail count is 0. lol

    So…even the really good bloggers that I like reading (Susie bubble), I stop reading because the number goes over 10 in my RSS reader.

  7. I completely understand how life gets in the way of blogging! Either way, I love your posts – all at one go or not. You document everything from food to clothes to friends, I’m just happy to read it all :]

    I bet you didn’t realise but Julie’s name is in that bottom right photo! On her birthday cake! Heehee, so that’s my guess then.

  8. i dont mind either – but maybe major, long, sporadic? (haha whenever i see that uve updated ur blog – bloglovin – i get super excited and check it straightaway) cuz id be more inclined to see what you’re up to – cuz i miss reading updates?? haha if that makes sense (:
    I LOVE all ur posts anyways x

  9. i prefer short, sporadic posts.
    also, i wish i had your life. haha :)

  10. you should do massive regular posts haha… am i greedy? oh man reading your rain tweets were hilarious. i seriously thought he only ever released one track. called it’s raining. or something like that.

    the gif is so cute. and gahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh i have always wanted to catch the ferry to macau. my plan this is year is to catch the ferry to japan from korea. lol we’ll see how that works out bahahaha.

  11. oh wow!! you’re friend julie really does look like CL from 2ne1. and i am so jealous that you got to see rain in concert. :)
    love your blogs and i don’t mind the once in awhile massive updates. (although i would like the massive regular posts like the person said above…haha…greedy)

  12. yay!
    Those crepes look just amazing~ My friends were telling me about the wonderful ones they ate in japan a few weeks ago.
    You got to see Rain?! luucky~ That would be pretty cool ><


  13. I love all your accessories so hard.

  14. Of course you should post which ever way is most convenient for you!

    I have that muji pen x 10! It’s really awesome for everything. And those boots are hawt! Love them!

  15. Wow,you had so much fun!!
    Great outfit!!

  16. OOooooooooooooOoooooooooooooo
    its RAININnnnnnGGGGGGGGggggggggggg~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

    I go by the name of CL of 2ne1~
    its been a long time commin..but we here now~

    god those freakin 10 pimples on my chin is seiruosly ANNOYING. look at that huge LUMP on my chin in those pics..-_-

  17. omg i love your long posts, they’re filled with so many goodies! i just dont know where to start, so i have to backtrack haha. goodies overload! :D

  18. Awww, your posts are always so awesome! You and PB are the cutest ever. And your 25 year old brother is hilarious!! hahaha. I want to try wrapping that many scarves around my neck. I really love your long, joyful and exciting posts. Do whatever is best for you and what comes naturally. Although, I always love frequent updates.

  19. RAIN! isn’t it funny how so many middle aged women in hk obsess over him? i also only know one of his songs…but i liked him in full house :)
    frequent posts are good…you always have so much great content
    i have like 10 of those black muji pens because i tend to take things out of my pencilcase and forget to put them back in. i forget my USB stick somewhere at least once a week; i’m actually considering taking a string and tying it around my neck.


  20. omygod they look exactly the same!!!
    guess what though, i’ll be in hk this christmas,
    shopping much?


  21. I quite like the long blogs too with lots of pics!
    lol @ your bro~ boys will always be boys. My bf (22) today saw some promo ppl giving out helium balloons, and yup, you guessed it, sucked in the helium and starting singing with the high-pitched helium voice while I was shopping… hahah

    anyways, your blog makes me even more excited about going back to HK in jan!! Making my shopping list now!!

  22. Unfortunately I can’t decide on what sort of blog posts are better. I guess I’m a sucker for both since I love reading your blog, so whatever update I can get would be great (heh heh sounds like I’m a member of a dodgy dating site or something).

  23. I prefer long posts. most definitely. and I don’t care about infrequency as long as you keep blogging :-)

  24. mmmm food looks great and i love that fur on you!

  25. I sorta like shorter posts only because I have loads to comment on within your blog posts but end up forgetting something and then you probably read it as if I didn’t read/interested in that part etc :P Maybe it’s just me.
    AAanyway to start with, can’t believe how much your friend looks like CL, if she dressed as funky as CL (read: KRawzzzy) maybe people’ll start to think it’s her in the street hehe

    Oh my, I can’t stand ham in macaroni & cheese. Jeez, it’s MACARONI AND CHEEEEZE, not macaroni, cheese and HAM. :P

    Btw, can’t seem to express how much you and PB look SO cute together, he seems such a nice bf. Do feel free to shout that over your shoulders so he can hear :P I feel that boys need to hear that from time to time from some random stranger online so they can go on living the rest of their lives.

  26. i like short updates but hey whatever floats your boat!!

    ohhh since coming to the states ive developed a serious LURVE for mac and cheese! it’s soooo awesomeeee. yumyumyum. i love blogs that combine both food and clothes, hehe.

    POST WHAT YOU DO WITH YOUR CLINICS AND I’LL POST MINE. i’m so bad at outfit posts tho hehe xx

  27. Love these photos! Your knit sweater is so cute!

  28. Your right that sweater is similar to mine, except i think yours is cuter! And like always you have shoes that i am drooling over, honestly i am in love with this pair!

  29. I really like your long posts..probably because your pictures are always so fun to look at, but shorter posts would be just as good. Your blog is always one of my favs!

  30. loveee this post denise:) your friends brother is so funny:)

    and i think you should make shorter posts, since you asked.

    xx raez

  31. Your blog is seriously my favorite. Thank you for making it. ;]

  32. Wooooooo,yayyyy you’re back!!

    Loved loved your sweater and those gloves from Uniqlo is gorgeous! Woooow,Happy birthday to your best friend too:)

    In serious lust with your mom’s coat,wowwwww!

    Ohhh and yeaa,the cardigan is a little too warm for her. But I still wear it though. heee

  33. Hi, you’re featured on my blog today, ciao! :)

  34. OMG I LOVE 2NE1 hahaha CL is like my ultimate girl crush
    your friend does sorta look like her lol ! lucky CL is hot@ lol

    i feel ashamed that this is my first time commenting on your blog, although i’ve been a silent reader for like ages,

    but big posts like this take ages to load on my shitty comp, so i like small, digestible ones please =)

    RAIN CONCERT?! lucky you! hes superrrrrrr dooper fine!@
    have you heard of 2pm? look them up if you haven’t, but junho from 2pm looks like rain imho teeheehee
    hes so cute

  35. I love your outfit, the sweater and shoes are great :) Those “biggest fan” photos made me laugh quite a bit :) Oh! And I love PB’s shoes! An the knockoff boots are amazing! Why didn’t you get them!!!??? Regardless, I love your hand warmer things! and hahaha your brother makes me laugh haha :)

  36. I love your photos! hehe, rain… is coming down on the roof toppp lalala~
    cute boots & outfits and everything! :D

  37. OMG I love pressroom!!

  38. yay handwarmers!!!!!

    i totally bought over the knee wedges like the ones u posted. i keep forgetting i even own them =T

  39. I LOVE the long posts!

    Wow your friend Julie looks so much like the girl from 2NE1! Crazy. I love the shoes you’re wearing, they look so comfy!

  40. rehhhH! …

    rain’s biggest fan. ahahaha…. WAS SHE FOR REALS???
    sucks for PB to have to had paddle – how long did it take?! u guys are so cute. DENISE, i love reading your blog. it’s like i’m going on an adventure with you when i read your entries.

    i vote for, more often posts!
    i want to comment on all your subjects! but i feel like i sound like a crazy person just jumping from one subject to the next. i don’t know how to smoothly segue into the next topic when commenting. lol. rain! boats! crepes! <3

  41. I like your long detailed posts! They’re so much fun to read and the photos you have to accompany your stories are always great! Not to mention your adorable GIFs!!! Love those!

    Wow your friend sure does look like CL!!!!!!! Carbon copy!!!!!

  42. I BOUGHT THOSE RODARTE KNOCKOFF BOOTS ON GRANVILLE!!! HAHAHAH AWESOME!!!! but they are very slouchy.. always falling down…

  43. long posts that are more often! :]

  44. love love love love your outfits and your CRISPY CLEAR PICS… RAINNNN EEEKK!!! lol i swear i dont’ actually like him (lies). BAHAHAHA… going to hk on the 24th to jan 3rd!! MAYBE WE can meet up if you’re not too beezee???? :D or let me know some cool places to shop.. haven’t been there linlike 4 years..

  45. wow, you went for Rain’s concert? Must have been costly!
    the rodarte inspired boots are….divine.
    HAHA 2ne1’s CL…i guess it’s becos of your friends ‘smiling eyes’ which is CL’s trademark?


  47. yo! I want a post on Christmas traditions and foods and al kinds of Christmas stuff in Hong Kong!!

  48. hahaha i like your massivo posts… its like reading a monthly magazine about life in HK ;) I miss it!!!!!!! first time i haven’t been back during christmas for like 15 years.. hai :( xxxx

  49. omg ahaha ya we’re like twinsss!

    and wait, you saw RAIN!?!?!? omg korean god right there
    and your friend DOES look so much like CL! that’s hilarious ahahah.

    i want those rodartesque boots..

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