Whilst I love love love attending events and then coming home to procrastinate and only blog about it a week or more later….sometimes it runs through my mind that I never really wanted my blog to be about what events I went to or what company wants me to say this, this or this about whatever product. Don’t get me wrong, I’m super grateful about what opportunities my blog has brought me but I think what I’m just trying to say that I hope you guys (my lurrrrrvleh readers) don’t think I’ve “sold out” or that my blog is not “me” anymore…anyway nonetheless I am so thankful that I’m lucky enough to be able to go to such events and meet such great and interesting people and I hope that you guys will still continue to read and visit my blog! I’m trying to step back a bit and return to more random blogposts about my days in Hong Kong or whatever I’ve been up to with my love, family and friends here.

Well, har har har because here’s another post about another event that I went to at another venue on another evening in Hong Kong. Christian Louboutin (I’m sure he or the brand needs no other introduction) was in town to launch his new book called…dun dun dun “Christian Louboubtin” which is a wonderfully dusty pink and thick-ass monograph celebrating 20 years of his iconic red sole. Upon entering The Space on Hollywood Road, you were immediately plunged into a sea of red red red everywhere and these giant red Chinese lanterns flooding the windows. While we waited around for Mr. Louboutin to arrive, me and Sha did what we do best: stuff our faces with canapés (sooo yum from Relish Kitchen!). When he finally arrived, he did a round of the space and played on the interactive super-sized flip book version of his book and then proceeded to sign all copies of his book at this cute little table. I heard that he actually really sat there for at least 2 hours signing every devoted fans’ book!

Giant interactive flip (sensor) book! So cool!

Nanz doing her thang. (creeeeepers gon’ creep!)

Book flipping! You didn’t even need to touch the surface…just air flip!

Guhhhh yum! Great display/function with the unsnapped wooden chopsticks that held the little roastbeef roll in place.

Baby xiao long baos! There was also an amazing seared scallop that I kept munching on and forgetting to take pics.

Plenty of stilettos!

He’s here!

And so is his curly vein!

CL’s #1 Fangirl: Miss. Priscilla I’Anson! She managed to get two pairs of her shoe signed by Mr. CL! Check out the Electric Sekki blog for more coverage!

Priscilla’s amazing leopard print booties!

THIS lady was haaaaaaaardcore! Also, tights over heels? Errrmmm okay!

And lastly, I snapped this quick picture of EJ who recently moved here from Australia! Howwww cute is his bow-tie? Loved everything about this look from his little clutch, the sweater, his bracelets and his rolled hem. Perfect!

Cute no?

Hope everyone had a lovely Christmas and will have an exciting New Years! For me, I’ll be having a huge hot pot feast at home (our Lai family tradition) and just staying in with my boytoy (lulz) and family for the countdown! Everyone stay warm and eat lots!


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