*Smiling on the inside, I promise*

Custom made silk bomber dress, Zara jeans, Nike Tennis Classic sneakers and Celine Cabas tote.

So I realise it’s been a seriously long time since my last blog post and even since my last YouTube video (which I’ve been meaning to honestly get on with)…but here we are. Jason and I have been going through a lot of life stuff right now in regards to moving apartments, changing jobs (for him, not me #foreverfreelance) and just some other general life stuff that eats into blogging/shooting time. I’ve always always said that blogging will never become a chore for me hence the irregular posting schedule (even on my YouTube) so I try not to take things too seriously over here. With that being said, I’m hoping to honestly blog more organically from now on, still of course editing my photos but being less picky about what I post. I’m going to promise (myself) that this doesn’t mean just doing easy ~~Instagram Recap~~ posts! Let’s see how this goes..

So a couple of weeks ago before flying to LA (or was it after..I don’t even remember now), REVOLVE hosted REVOLVE Social Club in Shanghai: a super fun girls shopping and hang out spot. I stopped by The Grumpy Pig, which was totally transformed into what felt like a cute clubhouse in LA, to check out some REVOLVE brands on feature like Tularosa, L’Academie, RAYE shoes and their own line of denim: GRLFRND! Sadly..there wasn’t enough black there for me to choose from haha but I was lucky enough to get to order some from online since REVOLVE is now offering shipping to China and Hong Kong and even currency conversions for CNY¥ or HKD$! They have really great shipping deals like free Priority shipping when you spend over US$100 or free EXPRESS shipping when you spend over US$300 which honestly, is pretty easy when you see the stuff they have. I’m currently eyeing this super cute Tularosa star dress, these comfy Raye Drew sandals and this wanna-stay-as-pale-as-possible Janessa Leone sun hat! Anyway here are a couple of pics from the amazing REVOLVE Social Club space!

Thanks to REVOLVE for having me :)

Hiiiii Cat :D

Such a beautiful space!

*Pretending I wear something other than black*


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