sale crazy

I really shouldn’t be going out, or even blogging for that matter but I really only went out today to run errands, like go to home depot and hsbc. My day didn’t just stop at errands though! I ended up going to a last minute Sergio Rossi sale where ALL SHOES (excluding exotic skins) were only $50. yep that’s right, FIVE ZERO dollahz. SCORE! I was so happy I found these amazing shoes (pics later). After the sale, we walked like 15 steps and got to the Elizabeth and James sale! omgggg so many beautiful things I wanted. I was dying for the feather blazer and a bunch of different dresses. BUT I did end up scoring the last one and only PLAID SHIRT! So amazing, i can’t believe I found it. It was just there, hanging on the end of a rack, not even with a hanger and I just snatched it up as fast as possible! It wasn’t exactly CHEAP, but at least more than 50% off its original price.

It was getting really chilly out, good thing I had my trusty poofy hat and yohji scarf ;D

Before heading out we had lunch at whole foods and discovered these amaaaazing cookies. Seriously guys if you ever stop by WF, you have to pick these up. Heaven in a plastic bag.


So these are my new shoes!!! They’re so super awesome and comfy due to their small platform to heel ratio and the chunkiness makes it so easy to walk in. I can’t wait to wear them tomorrow!!! And can you believe I got them for $50!!?!? I checked and they were originally about $650. I paid less than 10% of the original price. Crazy!!!!!!! I also ended up buying my mom the blue drip drip flats. I’ll take a photo of those later, also $50!!!!!

And this is my amazing E&J shirt. I can’t believe I actually own something from the brand now. So happy!! Hopefully it wont be my one and only ;) The details are amazing i just discovered more details to the shirt but havent taken a photo. Ugh i love it!


Something else coming up that I wanted to share ;)

Happy Shopping!

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