H&M men’s denim shirt, random pleated dress and Monki Chelsea boots.

Offering a flower to my mammoth friend

It was my dad’s birthday on Friday so we took him out to one of his faaaaaavourite restaurants TAI PING KOON. If you haven’t eaten there yet I HIGHLY recommend it, although I also do recommend either booking a table or going way in advance to wait for a table…but the food is SO worth it. The chain of restaurants are over 100 years old, first opening in 1860 in Guangzhou. It was the first ever Western restaurant there and has since been serving the best roast pigeon, Portugese baked chicken and Swiss sauce chicken wings EVER. The food is so flaming good you just really need to go there and try it for yourself.

So, Friday was also another great day for me because my “Fashion Blogger as Fashion Editor” feature in local Hong Kong Magazine æ–°Monday/New Monday finally came out! The feature is in the insert fashion magazine called HONEY mag. When I was contacted to do the feature, I insisted that we use my photographer Carmen Chan and they liked her so much (uh why wouldn’t they!) that they also did a 2 page spread on her and her work! Apparently I am the first “blogger as editor” to suggest using my own photographer and I’m so glad they looooved her! The magazine is in Chinese so you may not be able to read it but it’s fun to look at the pictures! I actually can’t even read it myself..haha so if anyone would like to translate it for me then yay virtual cupcakes for you!

I chose to base my styling feature on accessories, cos duh what else would I choose right? I styled 4 different looks around the theme of “Metal Rock”, “Minimalism”, “Colour Addict” and “Native Charm” (p.s. I did not come up with these names haha). Anyway I hope you guys like the shoot and just want to thank everyone for always being so supportive of my little bloggyblogblog!

Oh and also, GO OUT NOW and buy the magazine at your local newsstand or at any 7/11 or OK shops!

Carmen’s spread:

Can you also spot Priscilla for Electric Sekki and HKHQ.tv!? hehehe

Fellow HK Bloggers Cindiddy and A Pair & A Spare also got a little quick diddy from Carmen! Also, hello kenneth!

Mixed in one of my own DIY necklaces in there…I also loved the intense red eyeshadow on the model and her crazy teased messy hair!

How amazing is that side slit sweater? Can you believe it’s from H&M! In stores now!

It’s hard to see but the colourful skull necklace from Vivienne Westwood was so cute! Also, can I have some legs for miles too please?

Invisible telephone!

It’s so cool that my feature managed to spotlight so many people: me, Carmen, HIMYS, Cindiddy, A Pair & A Spare, That’s Chic, Kenneth, Electric Sekki, HKHQ.tv, and even MILO VENTIMIGLIA HAHAHA. Big big thanks to æ–°Monday and Elva for inviting me to be the guest editor!

Friday was also another great day for me and my ~blog~ because my feature on SASSY HONG KONG also came out online! Click the image below to check out my little interview with Hester and also LOL at the images they chose of me hahahaha

Thanks Hester!!

Another quick thank you to everyone for taking the time out to read my little blog! I’m super super thankful for all my ~readers~ and hope that you guys really enjoy all the stupid photos of me and hearing about my silly Hong Kong life! Also thanks to PB, Nanz, Julie and especially Carmen for helping me to take the photos on my blog!


  1. wOooOoo thankkks to ME~~~~~~for taking photos~~~~~~~~~~ lolol my skillz~~~~~~~
    shiet people reading my comments all the time would think i REALLY talk and type like that!?
    anyways WHATS TAI PIN GOON? where? i wanan go

  2. Congratulations on the features! In other news, I want your handbag…

  3. very nice! you have the knack for good accessories really. all the gold pieces in the second outfit, SOO GOOD TOGETHER!

  4. oh HAIII. THX DDD you’re the BAYYYST..

    p.s. luuurve your outfit for your dad’s bday dins.

  5. whoa. i loveee the editorial in that spread and congrats on the feature!!
    btw, the same friends i went on this trip with and i are planning an asia trip next year!!!!!!! thailand, singapore, hong kong, japan, and korea! so if that really happens, we will for sure have to meet up (though it’ll be more of a backpacking trip so i may or may not look like a homeless hippie).


  6. aaaahhhhh! awesome denise!!!! congrats! =) you sure you wanna come back to ny lolllll

  7. congratssss!! Carmen is awesome at what she does and so are you!

  8. wow congrats! You’re really going places ;D

  9. AMAAAAAAAAZING GIRL! So happy for you! I’m particularly in love with your “Minimalism” shot. That sweater is fab; need to get to H&M NOW. xx

  10. Guess what I bought at 711 the other day? :P

  11. GIIIIRL – this is nuts and looks SO much fun!! I’m especially a fan of the minimalist look. Can you come to Canada and dress me pls??

    P.S. thanks for the GIF love. I actually of the idea after I saw one of your posts :P

  12. that’s a lot of features there !!
    i loved the maxiskirt look you showed earlier :)
    nice to have stumbled upon your blog !

  13. wow great job on the magazine feature, loooove your picks Denise! :)

  14. CONGRATS on the features!! :DD I love the accessories in all those outfits!! great job!!

  15. hiii:D:D:D reallyy? thank you the dress is vintage!
    I am so happy to meet you and carmen the other day! the photo shoot looks amazing I really like it … yes lets meet up soon I really want to get to know u guys more.. I was so shy haha:P xxV

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