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So FORD sent me out to Hong Kong last weekend to check out the Ford Design Challenge where 10 contestants from around the world gathered together to design an outfit made entirely out of Ford’s recycled fabrics in just 3 hours…just THREE hours guys. The challenge was a collaboration between Ford and Redress, a HK-based company that is leading the charge for sustainable fashion and the fight to reduce waste in the fashion industry. The final outfits from the competition and the winner will be showcased during Hong Kong’s very own Fashion week this month.

There were quite a few things that shocked me on this trip. Like I had no idea that all of Ford car seats are all sustainable fabrics made from recycled plastic bottles and even things like the dashboard foam is made from fricken CASTOR oil and they even use old recycled DENIM fabric to create insulation in the hood of their cars all the while helping to reduce waste in landfills. Seems kinda nerdy and random but it’s really interesting to realise that an old pair of jeans or some random old yarns can be recycled into something that goes into a car.

So the morning started out early, with a little educational session learning about the sustainable materials, meeting all the great young designers then heading out (around rainy HK booo) to get inspired by the city and finally back to the studio so the designers can get cracking. I mean they only got THREE hours to produce a whole outfit. Amazing. I studied fashion throughout high-school so being back in a workshop environment watching them draw, cut and sew was just mesmerizing and I loved just being around the tense workshop. We even got a chance to play with the recycled car seat fabrics ourself with a quick DIY session where we got to make little belted bracelets. Of course mine was super random and silly but it was fun getting a little crafty and playing with sachiko stitching myself! Keep reading below to check out more behind the scenes from the day and scroll on (and watch the video) to find out who won!

Did you guys also catch the video up there? Fun times that day shooting with Nanz as well! Thanks so much to the team at Ford for having me!


L: Soy beans recycle into seat foam • R: Kenaf (a plant) recycles into door bolsters (paneling on a car door)

L: recycled yarn turns into engine covers • R: Castor Oil recycles into dashboard foam

Driving around on our inspiration trip in these cutie little cars

Checking out the Lin Fa Kung Temple in Tin Hau and the gallery at The Fringe Club!

Okay now back in the studio, the designers planning out the outfits and deciding on the different fabrics they can use. There were so many recycled fabrics they were allowed to choose from.

Oh hi!

Nerding out at the DIY workshop LOL

Waiting for the teacher… slow….lololol

Working on my little DIY. I’m obsessed with Sachiko stitching so it was fun to finally try it out :)

loooool and my final bracelet! x HIIIII!!!!! x

That fringing on the left was so epic. I’m pretty sure everyone was drooling over that piece!

And finally done! Look at that cutie holding the mannequins hand hahaha so impressed by all the contestants working so damn hard for 3 hours nonstop. We even overheard one girl say she was dying to go to the bathroom but didn’t wanna sacrifice anytime. Poor thing!!

And the winner is……

These two cuties! Congrats Pan Wen (China) and Amy Ward (UK)!!!!!


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