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SEOUL! I finally got the chance to visit a city that has been high on my priority lists for years now! Thankfully Jason had some bijjiness to take care of there so I tagged myself along like the needy girlfriend that I am! (har har jokes jokes). If you ask me now how was Seoul, all I could tell you was that all we did was eat, eat and eat more, more and more! Firstly, let’s talk about the shopping. People crazy amped me up about the shopping but to be completely honest, it was only mmd/okay. In MyeongDong (where we stayed),it was store after store of the same athletic-inspired and/or lace-y girly babydoll shit and don’t get me wrong, I do love me some 69 jerseys and white ironic prairie girl slutty dresses but now that I’ve decided to sort of steer my style/look into a more tailored/simple direction, I had to refrain my shoppers mentality from taking over and keep my wallet tightly secured to my body.

So here’s a huge compilation of photos from my first two days in Seoul. First day we trolled around MyeongDong, spending hours at Ã…Land and then trekking our way over to HongDae area to check out StyleNanda. Rather disappointing really because everything was one-size only but their 3ConceptEyes make-up is pretty cute and picked me up a hot pink eyeliner! My latest thing is lining my lower inner eye line with pink liner or shadow! Love the dead druggy look lol. OMG totally forgot to mention that we actually couldn’t have gone at the WORST time: MONSOON SEASON! If there’s one thing I hate more than snow, it’s RAIN. It was the absolute worst, pouring every few hours which gave us the excuse we didn’t need to duck into random small cafes or in our case, fried chicken joints for “cover from the rain” and, more importantly, food!

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P.P.S. Oh yeah and surprise! I chopped my hair off! A late night impulsive chopping session with a pair of kitchen scissors! Time for a big change!

First stop! Chicken galbi that’s cooked on a HUUUUGE hot plate at your table! SO GOOD. Restaurant is 유가네 Yoogane Dakgalbi in MyeongDong (all addresses at the bottom of the post)

Pretty girl sticker photos ;)

In HongDae.

Free photobooth at the StyleNanda store!

Escaping the rain with fried chicken and a pint of HITE!

More rain..

Post fried chicken and more walking, escaping the rain again at a super cute cafe called Suger De Chou.

Day two! Oh man, we didn’t realise at the time but going through all my photos, we seriously ate our way through this day. I think it was a total of like 5 or 6 meals and lots of small things in between. INSANE. We started the day moodily trying to find a specific waffle place in Sinsa-dong and turned so many millions of corners looking for it that I got so moody and we just ate at the next restaurant we could find. Turns out we stumbled upon The Original Pancake Story restaurant which is apparently really famous (??) and it was so so so yum and deliciousss! Then lots of walking around like 10 Corso Como (so expensive and so empty inside except for one crazy older lady shopping her butt off with her bodyguard keeping close!!) then having a late lunch at Grill5 Taco, seriously the BEST FOOD EVER. Mexican and Korean fusion food? OMG I’m drooling just thinking about it! So so so so so worth the 100000 calories!!! After walking around the Garusu-gil area, we made a pit stop at the hotel to drop stuff off and to rest a bit before heading back out to MyeongDong to wander the many food stalls and more shopping then ending our night with KBBQ~ We just picked any random spot and ordered the usual. Our hunger took over and we didn’t pay attention to the prices of the dishes until our bill came and we realised it was so ridiculously expensive. What a disappointment!

Best Oreo milkshake ever at Original Pancake Story

Moody and flustered after walking around for 10000 years

EGGO. And also it’s safe to say I have a serious Waffle obsession now.


Hilly areas of Gangnam-gu

Topshop drape top, old denim shorts, tights, Palladium boots and a Nike raincoat.

In between breakfast and lunch little tidbits at Paris Croissant cafe before…

GRILL5 TACO!!!! Omg so good: Kimchi quesadillas, Beef short-rib tacos and SEOUL fries: fries, bulgogi beef, onions and Korean spicy sauce. SO YUM.


Post hotel pitstop plus outfit change: The Haute Pursuit store 86 Jersey and Uniqlo DIY slashed jeans.

Street food!

Extra long soft serve! Did not finish as it just decided to melt all over my hands instead.

OMG so good so good so good

SUPER delicious KBBQ but so so so so expensive, what a ripoff ):


StyleNanda: 23, Wausan-ro 29da-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul
Ã…Land: 53-6 Myeongdong 2-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul
10 Corso Como: 79 Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul


Yoogane: 66-6, Chungmuro 2-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul 100-710
Sugar De Chou: Seogyo Mapo-gu 396-32, Seoul, Korea 121-840
Original Pancake Story: 523-20 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul
Paris Croissant: 820 Yeoksam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul 135-080
Grill5 Taco: 519-13 Sinsa-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul

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