BLK DNM leather vest, Uniqlo J+ puffer jacket, Uniqlo wool sweater, Converse Chuck Taylors and Alexander Wang Rockie bag.

Still trying to find “cool” ways of layering key winter items to keep the cold Shanghai air from gracing my delicate Chinese skin (err…) and so far all outfits include my super important, super useful and super insulating Uniqlo J+ puffer. This is from one of the first few Jil Sander for Uniqlo collections that came out sometime last or last last year. The puffy jacket is such a questionable wardrobe staple just cos most people would consider them super frumpy and unflattering but no one wants to admit how freaking useful and warm they really are. Lucky for me, the J+ version has a really cool “turtle shell” shape that makes it slightly cooler (at least makes me feel cooler) than a regular North Face puffy. Also, the Uniqlo lightweight down puffy jackets (also available in their main collection) are really thin and really lightweight and don’t feel bulky at all. I layered my zewper kewl boxy oversize BLK DNM leather vest that is overflowing with pockets which is perfect for stashing mulitple handwarmers and my new slightly large but oh-so-worth-it Candies iPhone 5 case!

MANNNNNNNNNNNNN do I have a treat for you!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I recently received a pair of UrbanEars Bagis earphones in coral colour which makes these my third pair of UrbanEars! I have the light grey Plattans, the creamy white Zinkens and finally, the amazing coral Bagis. For someone who wears as much black as I do and generally prefers everything I buy to be in monochrome shades of white, grey or black, it may surprise you that salmon/coral/peach pink is one of my favourite colours (hence the old coral SUPERWOWOMG blog theme). UrbanEars are so well designed in terms of the functionality, the sound and my favourite parts the look of the actual earphones and the packaging. The separate earphones snap together when not in use so that a) they don’t tangle together and b) you can loop it over your head around your neck so you don’t lose them! How friggen cool right? Also the fabric covered wires make it so they never tangle and the little ball that separates the left and right cords is so smart too.

Read on to see how you can win a pair just like these!

PRIZE: One (1) pair of UrbanEars Bagis earphones in CORAL colour (includes 3 diff sizes of ear plug thingies)

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DEADLINE: Last day to enter will be Friday March 1st, 2013. Winners will be chosen from people who shared my Facebook Page cover photo or retweeted the tweet on twitter and will be notified via Facebook or Twitter PM (so please don’t make your twitter acct private).

Good luck!

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