Kmart DIY crewneck, Esprit old jacket, Danskin leggins, H&M shoes, Louis Vuitton speedy.

Yesterday I woke up maaddd late, at 3pm to be exact hahaha. So nice sleeping in. So we ended up having lunch at like 4pm which made dinner postpone til 11pm. During the day we went to KMART to buy me a sewing machine! There was only ONE left..only ONE model ONE brand and I was desperate/wanted-one-too-much, so I just went and got the last one. It’s really tiny, as demonstrated by the picture below (in comparison to my hand), and at first I thought it might be kinda sketch and fail on me but it ended up working quite nicely! I spent over $100 on a sewing machine last year which couldnt even sew through 4 layers of thin fabric..and this one, only $70 is doing pretty good so far!!! Within 2 hours of buying it, I already repaired one bag, sewed up a tote bag and DIYed a tshirt! Will post all of these on my DIY blog…stay tuned!

Excuse the blurry pic, but I really wanted to show the tiny-ness of my new toy!


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