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Katamama silk shirt, Zara pants, Nike Womens Tennis Classic sneakers and Chanel bag.

Hi! Hello! Denise here! Here I am in one of Jason’s silky silky summer shirts sometime back in August. I’m here to prove to you that showing a little belly, even when your belly is more round than toned or more smooth than chiseled, is totally okay!! I remember it being super hot that weekend and yknow what, I’m not scared of a little unbuttoning here and there. Okay so I won’t go for a straight up crop top but I like that unbuttoning a few of the bottom buttons (wow say that really fast) gives off little tummy peeks here and there. And guys…these photos were even taken AFTER I ate a huge burger from Beef & Liberty!!!! #NOSHAME I say!!! We were treated to a yummy lunch at the Shanghai Centre location where we politely stuffed our faces with fried mac & cheese bites, a black pepper crusted burger and mini sliders and closed out the meal with their infamous cookie skillet served with a pour of warm milk!! We are not crazy burger-craving animals but when we are feeling a little drooly for burgers, Beef & Liberty is definitely where we go to satisfy our #NEEEEEDS.

Shanghai Centre, Shop 111, 1/F, 1376 Nanjing Xi Lu near Xikang Lu, Shanghai

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