Blackbird: 3/F, 1 Jia Wulumuqi Nan Lu, near Dongping Lu, Xuhui district 徐汇区乌鲁木齐南路1号甲, 近东平路

It’s been almost exactly 4.5 years that we’ve lived in Shanghai now. Oh man it’s seriously crazy how fast time goes by the older I get. I just turned 30 recently too so there’s that major milestone that’s just come and gone in a zip. Now that I’ve been in Shanghai for quite a while, I’m going to finally work on some features/guides on my favourite shops and eateries and I promise there are a couple of fun Shanghai Guide Videos I’m putting together for my YouTube channel so please stay tuned!

The beauty of Shanghai is that it’s evolving and developing so fast. New pinterest-worthy cafes and shops are popping up left and right (like the newly reopened The Backroom boutique!!) so let me introduce you to one of my latest faves: Blackbird. If you’re looking for a modern, Scandinavian-style, sun-drenched cafe in Shanghai, Blackbird would be it. With the floor to ceiling windows flooding the space with light, their gorgeous flat-lay-worthy marble tables and overall great vibes, this is definitely one of the best cafes to pop-up in Shanghai. The food is also super yum although a bit more on the pricier side but when me and Cat were there, we ended up spending hours there chilling on the comfy side benches so tbh the price made up for how long we were there and you can’t put a price on delicious food, a great environment and great company! After all this house-moving that’s been going on lately in my life, I’m flooding myself with all this interior-envy!

Just wanted to show off my recent nails hehehe in love with these tiny little dainty stars

And some new in jewels! The 3 delicate little chains in the middle: the fringe Lilu chain bracelet, the tennis slide bracelet and the diamond hinge cuff are all courtesy of Shashi! LOVE the daintiness and goes so well with the two silver bracelets I already wear and never take off!


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