H&M neoprene skirt (similar here) and wool sweater, Uniqlo heattech tights, Vans pompom beanie, Topshop Unique quilted captoe boots (similar here) and Barnett Jewellery skull necklace.

I like to think I’m not a SUPER high maintenance girlfriend..haha I mean of course I am super picky about my clothing, my makeup, my skincare and my foods but..that’s high maintenance for myself..not for anyone else to look over right? Jason is probably evil-laughing right now.. In particular, I never expect anything for Valentine’s Day..that’s cos everyday is Valentine’s Day for us (har har har barf). As a surprise, Jason booked us a sweet (and I mean sweet in the “DUDE SWEET ASS RIDE MANG” kind of way) dinner at Mercato by Jean Gorges at Three on the Bund in Shanghai a few days before the real V-Day since we sadly won’t be together. I tried to “dress it up” a little and in these freezing temperatures, that meant simply putting on the thickest skirt I had. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this neoprene skirt (surprisingly from H&M!) and although I bought it months and months ago, only managed to wear it that night for the first time!

Talking about layering up for winter, let me segue into the need to layer as such. As many many people have been asking lately, yes I’m currently in Shanghai! time is actually split half half between Hong Kong and Shanghai just because of personal reasons. Thankfully the two cities are fairly close to each other and I’m barely just a 2.5 hour plane ride away from my family and being in Shanghai allows for more traveling around Asia! We are super excited about our new lives here and discovering a new city is always fun! It’s nice to be away from ultra-saturated and super hot Hong Kong every now and then but I love knowing that at least my family is still within the same time zone! Oh and btw Shanghai is cold as fuck but I love it! Give me freezing Shanghai nights over sweltering hot Hong Kong days any time!

Blogging from Shanghai is going to be fun fun fun and can’t wait to see what trouble me, Jason and Sumo get up to here ;) Feel free to share any shopping, eating and whatever else tips you have!

“Come here juju!”

Mmmmm Mercato by Jean Gorges! The food was amazing and although we over-ordered (hey I’m Chinese and female, over-ordering is simply a natural instinct for us), I expected the place to be quite pricey but for a Jean Gorges restaurant, it was suprisingly super affordable! Another reason why I love Shanghai :)

Jason OD-ing on the coarse sea salt and olive oil for bread-dipping

Homemade ricotta with cranberry compote and freshly toasted bread

Olive oil whipped potatoes topped with parmesan cheese

Tagliatelle with black truffle and fresh mozzarella

Wild mushroom pizza with three cheeses and topped with a farm egg

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