One of my favourite things about Shanghai are all the museums. There’s such a huge art and museum scene (is it really a scene tho?) here and there is never a shortage of exhibitions or museums to check out on the weekend. A while back, we headed out to Long Museum on West Bund to check out SHE: International Women Artists Exhibition. This is the first exhibition in China that features only women artists from 13 different countries. The exhibition was divided into four parts: self-annihilation, self-liberation, self-introspection and self-expression but of course we just wandered around and took everything in as one.

It was the perfect sunny day to wear my new Tularosa dress from Revolve. Yeah I’m wearing it with leggings and I’m not afraid to bring back the leggings under skirts/dresses look. I’m not one to expose my legs too much which is why I always wear midi or long skirts/dresses so bringing back the leggings look works perfect for me. I see it less as a country-mom-look and more of a cool Scandinavian/Japanese CDG layering style or even kind of like the pants under dresses/skirts trend that’s been popping up here and there. I’ve already decided that along with the leggings thing, I’m also bringing back the POLO SHIRT look. Just wait and see!

Mona Hatoum, ‘Suspended’, 2011

L: Mona Hatoum, ‘Suspended’, 2011 | R: Yoko Ono, ‘To See The Sky’, 2015

I’m all class

Louise Bourgeois, ‘Crouching Spider’, 2003

Tracey Emin, ‘The Last Great Adventure Is You’, 2014

Lin Tianmiao, ‘Protruding Patterns’, 2014
I was so into this piece. It’s a huge carpet with fluffy words sticking out through-out the whole piece. The words in English and Chinese are all different curses and insults to women (like Prostitute, 黄花闺女 and Sexy Mama). I was immediately drawn to this piece cos of the size, color and the overall fluffiness (IT’S SO FLUFFEHHHH) but upon closer inspection, it was really interesting to see all the derogatory words commonly aimed at women.

We continued walking around the rest of the museum and discovered this random crazy kaleidoscope thingy. It was kinda hidden up in a backroom and there was no signage or description of the piece so we guessed that it was just probably there for storage haha but we of course went nuts taking tons of photos with it. SO FUN! Then we really contemplated how we would be able to get someone to make us one to have in our house hahahaha

So after the museum, we headed out to get lunch at Commune Social. Surprisingly it was our first time there and zomg it was so goooooood. The restaurant is run by Jason Atherton, who also does 22Ships in Hong Kong and they serve mostly tapas and dishes for sharing. They have a brunch deal that’s something like 4 courses for ¥218rmb which is a SUPER GOOD DEAL! I forgot the name of all the dishes but fuck they were so yummy.

Mini-burgers and super yummy fresh grape and lychee soda drink

L: Real cute alfresco situation going on here | R: Right next door is the most beautiful home and accessories shop (forgot the name but it’s right next door)

Another weekend for the books!

Long Museum: Lane 3398, Longteng Avenue, Xuhui District, Shanghai
Commune Social: 511 Jiangning Rd, Jingan Qu, Shanghai


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