The other night after finishing off my homework and taking a shower, I sat down at my computer at around 1.30am and started clicking around reading blogs and surfing sites like shopbop and yoox. The next thing I know, it’s 4.30am and I had just spent the last 3 hours looking at shoes. I can seriously spend ages on the computer..not just looking at shoes..but looking at everything. Like seriously, just give me a computer with an internet connection and I can be happy for at least a minimum of 8 hours non-stop. Telling you now though, not great if your bf starts to think your computer is more important to you than him. So anyways who cares about that, look at these pretty shoes!!! I always just look over the SAME sites at the SAME shoes and thought I’d share my long list of dream shoes with you…I’ve posted some of these before but I can stare at them a million times and still love them.

Urban OutfittersSee by Chloe
Jill SanderBalenciaga

Firstly, here are the flat sandals. I can’t freaking wait till the weather gets nicer and I can actually wear something like these. I got some gladiator sandals from H&M last year but before that, apart from when I was a lil’ munchkin, I don’t think I’ve ever really worn or had sandals so this year I can’t wait to buy a pair! How freaking nice are those pink Balenciaga’s!!!

LanvinTopshopSee by Chloe

These are some closed toe shoes. I’ve been craving some jazz shoes/flat oxfords. I know these were like super super in a while ago now but I still really want them. Okay so there’s only like one pair of oxfords that..but seriously it’s sooo hard to find a nice pair! These are other nice pumps..I have like..1 pair that I pretty much never wear so I’m thinking maybe i need more?…??…never enough….And those See by Chloe sneakers are so freaking cute..I haven’t bought a pair of sneakers in AGES..and I have like..about 70..I guess I’ve sort of lost interest slowly..

Proenza SchoulerCharlotte RonsonChristian Louboutin
Pierre HardySteve MaddenMiu Miu
MarniBalenciagaPierre Hardy for Gap

Now these are the main attractions!! I loooove strappy platforms. I’ve always preferred open-toe shoes over pumps or like booties. I just love all the criss-crossing and it almost seems like designers can create a limitless amount of patterns with the straps, crossing this way then that way. Those Pierre Hardy platforms have a seriously cool heel. I feel like the designer did that almost just so that the white part of the heel never has to get dirty. And those padded/squishy Balenciaga strappy platforms look soooo comfortable, I bet you could run a mile in them. I don’t really like them in baby blue but that’s the only pic I could get – black would seriously be sick.

Someone wanna donate to my on-going shoe fund? I also have a new laptop fund and a camera fund! Feel free to pick either one!


I updated my banner! I thought it was about time to change it and totally good timing now that I have my own domain! Still working on the rest of the layout of the page..wordpress confuses me sometimes..but isnt this shot of Sasha totally fitting to the name of my blog!? Don’t you love it!?

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