COS sweater, Uniqlo jeans, Zara coat, HUF plant socks, Converse x Missoni Auckland Racer sneakers and Céline Trapeze bag.

Converse definitely puts up the coolest press previews in town: dope ass sneakers, delicious food and at the coolest albeit far venue. Lucky for us, the spot was super close to Together Pot, our essential hotpot joint so we were all good. Despite the over 100 year old branding, they always manage to come up with a new cool design that people will always be fiending for. One of the latest additions to my personal collection? The Converse x Missoni Auckland Racer in this super cool dark Missoni wool fabric with copper lamé thread. They first appeared on the runway in Milan earlier this year and now they are one of my favourite shoes ever in my collection.

Oh yeah, so now on to the bag…isn’t it a beaut? I was tossing up between the Céline Luggage or the Trapeze and once my eyes locked contact with this beautiful snakeskin version, it was no turning back. Best. Christmas. Present. EVER. You know I’m all about monotone so this black and white treasure is perfect for me and the size is so good for lugging around all my shit, including our new Panasonic Lumix GX-1 camera (which these were all shot on). Earlier in that day I also got my hair finally retouched up at Marek Art of Hair. This time, the blue is so deep and rich and about 2 weeks later, is now slowly fading to a purplish colour, which is strange since this is the same blue I always use. Oh well, loving whatever weird experiment my hair decides to embark on itself!

Coolest of the cool: Ken (HIMYS), Lindsay (Yardbird), Jason (TOUGHLOVE), Me and Mayor of HK: MR. FED TAN.

Yardbird and Converse, which one looks yummierrr

FOOD ON FOOD ON FOOD ON FOOD: Jason balancing life.

Converse killer death stare

SO SO SO in love with my new Casetagram SUMO case! The custom iphone case links up your instagram photos and you get to pick which layout of photos you want, so fun!!

Real true hoodlum shit.

P.S. If anyone is interested, I’m selling a bunch of stuff here. I’ll be adding more products in the next few weeks so definitely check for updates! Thanks :)

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