Zara blouse, H&M boyfriend shorts and Jeffrey Campbell Nation H boots

My curly wurly boots!

(outfit photos by Carmen Chan)

On Saturday we had a little HK blogger meetup with Christina and Virginia of HKFashionGeek, Sha Lai of shalai has a tumblr, Carmen Chan of HIMYS, Cindiddy of Cindiddy and Valerie of Valeriesoh!

We started our day off with brunch at La Marmite, this super cute French bistro on Staunton Street. The restaurant had a beautiful minty green interior with a really great wide open store-front and the funniest little waiters. Me and Nanz shared an Eggs Royal and a 3-egg cheese/herb omelette. After brunch, we headed over to Gizzy&Nacho‘s showroom to take some fun pics in the blazing hot sun. It was literally Hong Kong’s hottest day yesterday and it felt like we were shooting in 10000000 degrees.

Oh yah these are my new boots! Me and Nanz got the same pair except mine are EXTRA curlier than hers..since hers are size 35 and therefore not very long in length… The curlz takes some getting used to since it practically inverts my toes..

Typical bloggers…

Me and Nanz matchy matchy! Except..look at how much more curly mine are…

CKO’s supppper cute Loubies that are too big ):

Nanz’s accessories

HAHA this isn’t the GAGA move…it’s the NANA MONKEY MOVE

Shooting on this cool old staircase near Press Room..

Nanz popping her black booty
(FYI, Nanz is wearing an H&M maxi pleated skirt, Izzue t-shirt, a vintage mesh belt from my mom and the same Jeffrey Campbell Nation H boots)

WOoOOoOooOo billowing in the wind!


Cindiddy getting shot on the road (by Carmen) with her naked friend!

Carmen pouncing again!

Nanz trying to look inconspicuous while we shoot in some random empty space.

Carmen’s turn to get shot!

CKO’s super gradient Marigiela cowboy boots

Cooling down in PCC

Afterwards, me and nanz headed to IFC for a quick drink at starbys and so I can shoot some stuff for a small project coming up!

Third outfit of the day (I actually had a meeting at 10am in the morning so that was my first outfit of the day): Monki striped tee, Zara pants and leopard print ponyhair flats.

I actually got that forefinger ring when I was about 12 or 13 years old on a school trip to Cheung Chau island…so yeah..it’s almost “vintage” now.. (i feel old..)

Bye now!


  1. I had so much fun looking at these! Thanks for making my day!

  2. These pictures are lovely – and the typical bloggers caption made me laugh so much – SO true!

  3. you and your sis are so cute 2gether :DD

  4. Kind of want those boots now..
    You guys make such a cute group!

  5. I like your friend’s skirt, and your style is so cute :)


  6. cowabunga at those margiela boots!! I keep looking at the gif of carmen hopping up and down, haha, energetic lil gummy bear.

  7. Is that a forefinger ring in actuality a pinky ring? :P

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  9. Fantastic set of photos! And I have those leopard flats hehe!

    xx THE CHEAP

  10. I still want those boots! Love the fun photo story!


  11. god post !

  12. fuck me, these photos are too good!!! love them

  13. love this post. especially the bloggers taking pictures of the food, I am exactly the same haha.

  14. I always look forward to your blog posts! I still regret not stopping by HK when I vacationed in Asia a few months ago!

  15. Awww what fun!! :D haha i love the photo of the bloggers whipping out their cameras. All these photos are really gorgeous!! Carmen is really talented!!

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