Giordano tank, F21 shorts, AA cardi with H&M faux fur scarf attached, Converse DIY studded chucks.

(wow, awesome way to start the post..blurry pic with stupid face, yay!)

lulz closed eyes yes! Actually this happens all the time..I mean to be completely honest, the distance that it takes for my eyelids to close is probably muchhh less than an average persons distance…so yeah I blink a lot..and no..there was no flash.

Both DIY necklaces

So again a milllllllllllllllllllion years since my last post huh…ok honestly internet was down a couple of days and I’m rarely ever home on the weekends so my laptop isn’t always with me aaaand i always work till about 7pm so by the time i get home its dinner, relaxing, shower then sleep! Yah those are my lame excuses hahaha. Anyway I’ll just get straight to my bullet points:

Halloween is finally coming up this weekend!! At first I was a bit meh about it, thinking my friend’s and I’s costumes weren’t really going to work out buttt we just got everything we needed last Saturday so now i’m getting excited againnnn :D I’m just waiting on one little package to arrive in the mail to complete the look but heeheh more on that when it actually arrives (EXCITED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
I’ve started teaching on Saturday mornings. I teach English to little local kids at a local Chinese school…I have to say that it is toooooooooootally draining. I teach 3 different classes, each for 1 hour. My first class is primary 6 (grade 5) and they’re ooookay..a little badly behaved but a little mature so they’re okay. Second class is primary 3 and 4 and jesus-fking-zomg they make me want to rip my hair out and shove it down my OWN throat. Every class, I almost lose my voice..and shout sooo loud that i swear, you can feel the walls vibrate. Okay anyways…my last class are primary 1 kids and..oh man such a relief after that devil class. They’re sooooooooooooooooooooooo freaking cute and adorable I just wanna squeeze all of them in one big giant group hug. SOO cute..I’d take photos of the cuties but…that’d be kinda creepy hahaha.
I FINALLY got round to taking pics of some my new stuff I got..initially my excuse for postponing blogging was cause I never had good enough light for taking these still shots but..whatevz my orange-y bed-light will have to do.
oh and lastly, like I said, I’m expecting a package, hopefully sometime this week and I am sooooooooooooooo excited. Can’t wait to show you guys what it is!! I mean..maybe it won’t be that great for you guys but YAY i can’t wait :D

Took my PB to a famous dumpling place last week for lunch :D and srsly this is probably HEAVEN in a bowl. Suen Lat Tong (Hot&Sour soup) with veggie dumplings and noodles from Wong Fu (Central, Wellington St). ZZzzzzzomgggg soooooooooooooo good.

lalalala pretty street lanterns

H&M print dress and shorts, Frye harness boots, Costume National bag, DIY pin necklace, H&M and Hermes black wrap bracelets and Mong Kok studded bracelet.

Okay this was last Sunday on the roof of IFC Mall. My full proper outfit shot was stupid so this is all you get. Anyway my mom was super chic and cute on Sunday and she was like “put me on your blog!!!!!” so haha here you go:

Zara white shirt, Uniqlo jeans, Chanel wingtip mary-janes, Hermes Victoria bag and watch.

hahaha her cuuuuuuuuuuuuties Chanel wingtip mary-jane flats!!! Serious ah-sum style hahaha.

Oh and here’s a close-up of her necklace. Her friend bought it for her so I have no idea what brand it is but basically it’s awesome because it’s a bunch of different vintage-looking rings looped together. The necklace was much longer before but the thing is so damn heavy I had to shorten it for her.

Heheehhe this is ninniez sporting my new extra-large nerd glasses and a wonderful Totoro fan I got for Helie heaheahehe :D

Another awwwwwwwwesome display at Lane Crawford IFC.

Ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm GIANT BAG OF WONG-WONG’s!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Want want…but seemed a bit too ridiculous. (oh and p.s. to whoever said it’s WANG-WANG and to get my Chinese right…..aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaactually it really is Wong-Wong because I’m speaking Cantonese and not Mandarin heahea okay!)

haehaheahe actually, this is a secret photo of the classroom before the class started…..man..what a way to spend my Saturday mornings huh? Well it only made sense..since PB works Saturday mornings too..and so does Julie, my bestfriend, so really I guess I had nothing better to do! At least I’m making a few extra bucks to fund my shopping addiction!

LOL this is my friend’s poodle PANADOL (like..HK’s version of Tylenol, lol) anyways..he loves jumping haha.

My mom has these seriously great super old (20 years +) Walter Steiger shoes and I am dyingggg to find a pair exactly the same. Too bad that she’s about a size smaller than me UGH. Not exactly sure what these sort of style of shoes are called so it’s been a bit hard to find a similar pair online..anyone have any ideas?

Aaaand finally, here’s some new accessories I got/made recently:

This amazing pin piece with random beads/studs/chains sewn on. On the back there’s a thingie for you to either pin it on your jacket/coat/clothes or a hair pin thingie that you can slip onto the lapel of your blazer or…in your hair. After being totally amazed and in love with my new find…a few days later I found a bunch of other places selling the exact same thing..and it made me sad ): I guess that’s what you get for living next to China where eeeeeeeeeeverything is made in thousands.

My mom got back from visiting my sister who lives in Amsterdam a few weeks ago and she brought back this amazing bracelet from COS. It sucks that I’ve never ever been to a COS store before..I can’t wait to go to Europe/England next year, I’m going to go nutsssssssssssss.

A new geometric necklace I made. Much more simplified..just one triangle on a long black chain. I love this piece and have been wearing it loads lately.

Another necklace I made recently. It’s a wooden black cross on a black suede string. heahehaeh scroll down for a surprise :D

Bought this awesome gold small-studded double-wrap bracelet. I’ve been wearing it as my staple bracelet on my watch hand..where I normally only wear my gold bangle and black plastic bracelet.

And theeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese are my new babies! They’re Marni from..I don’t even know what season, that I managed to score at the Pedder Sale :D I haven’t worn them out yet..cos..actually they’re kiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiind of small so gotta stretch them out a bit first. Any suggestions on how to?

Recently, the lovely lady over at Big Daddy did some sort of little diddly thing about me on her blog. She has an awesome blog that everyone needs to read and love nowwwwwwwww!!

SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO lastly, I’m doing another giveaway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The prize this time will be this super wooden cross necklace I made (don’t worry, it’s not the same as the one I’ve been wearing). All you have to do is comment below stating your favourite trend of the season (current or upcoming) and don’t forget your name and email address and I’ll just randomly pick the winner!!! You have until November 8th (about 2 weeks) to enter!!!! Good luck errrrrrrrbody :D

p.s. I’m planning to also throw in some extra printed-matter surprises so make sure you enter!!
p.p.s the only way i know you’re entering for the contest, and not just commenting, is if you state your favourite trend soo don’t forget to enter!!

  1. My favorite 2 fashion trends at the moment are all things studded and open toed booties. I am looking forward to floral print short dresses w/ leather jackets, colorful leather gloves for cold days and chunky knit scarves!

  2. woohoo! I’m gonna go past all the things I want to say (like the fact that those outfits are great and that I love how you combined that H&M print dress that also hangs in my closet) and just say one thing: I WANT THAT TOTORO FAN! lol.
    ps I’ll forever envy you for those damn shoes. they’re my dream.

  3. ++ since I wouldn’t mind winning that necklace or some extra printed-matter surprises, my favourite trends right now would have to be suede pumps and wedges, capes and draping! don’t know if they’re current trends at all but those are things that I love :-))

  4. sorry about the comment flood but you might find some shoes similar to those of your mom’s if you google something like cropped jodhpur/riding boots?

  5. Your DIYs are always so awesome, and I’m insanely jealous of your shoes!

    My fave trend at the moment has to be the romantic velvety look – any excuse to dress like Oscar Wilde has to be good. I totally love studs, too, but velvet is No.1.

    P.S. Your mum is adorable :’D

  6. I’m loving the faux fur right now. I first hated it, but now i’m really loving it!! yay! And big knitted sweaters and especially when they are long enough to hide your butt Lolz =p no wearing pants anymore, love love love.

    Ok and a tip for your shoe stretching. I heard something about a plastic bag. You should fill a plastic bag with water and put it in your shoe. Then you have to put your shoe in the freezer. Once it frozed it will strech your shoe out. Put it in the freezer for approximate a day. BUT make sure you don’t push the bag too much down, because once it’s stretched there isn’t a way back. So be carefull, you might want too try it first out with a little bit water. So it the bag wouldn’t be so heavy.

    Good luck!

  7. Ah, I love your super ridiculously long ass posts. :P

    Those Marni sandals are gorgeous. :) As for stretching, sadly the only way I stretched the Doc Boots of mine was to wear them. I easily bruised my feet for sure but stopped wearing them as soon as it was about to get to that point. Or, you can take it to a shoe stretcher.

    Oh and I’m loving that triangular chain necklace. It’s simplistic enough but still has that wow power. :)

  8. Oh goodness love your necklace creations, and those Marnis!! loving the pin necklace, need to see it upclose D! Arggg I love the latest geometric necklace you made too, you have the best jewellery collection.
    Ah I missed your blog <3

  9. Ok so I found the closeups :P my my what have I been missing!!

  10. I LOVE your hair!! :)

  11. marnis are amazing. you can get packets of water in ziplock bags, put it in your shoe where you want stretched, place the shoes in the freezer. ice will form, stretch shoes. es voila!

  12. I always like your glasses. ;]

  13. YES, another giveaway :3

    My favourite trend? Definitely dark lipstick. Purples, blacks and blood reds. Can’t get enough of it!

    p.s the fur collar in your first outfit is badass. Just thought I’d throw that one out there. Love your blog!

  14. I’m not totally sure if it’s a current trent but I’m really loving the tapered heels that I’ve been seeing a lot of recently! (I need to get myself some!).

    ohh… I want your friend’s fan! It’s lovely! Totoro is my hero~ haha

  15. i’m in love with that second outfit. love love love it.

    and fyi, i’m seriously craving noodles and dumplings now.

  16. omygosh totally love those shoes
    chelsea boots are the ones with the side elastic things…hmm low chelsea boots or something or rather

    but damn i miss honk kong! can’t wait to go back

    have fun this halloween!

  17. Believe it or not but my favourite trend this season is the cross pendant!! So this would be the ultimate prize for me.

    I love your blog, please oh please keep up the interesting posts.
    I love your DIYS, your style, and your funny commentary. One of my all time fav bloggers. I need your new shoes!! They are absolutely amazing.

  18. :O You seriously have awesome jewelery making skills. You should totally like open an online store or something, I bet it would sell (:
    And I agree with you on the issue with little kids. They really do make people feel like tearing something. Like a stress ball. Lol.

    My favourite trend ( although I dont know if can be counted as a trend.) are unique , simple and fun to make DIYS, chunky heels, studded shirts , bandage skirts and last but not least vintage accessories.

  19. Yum the dumplings look so gooood!

    Sounds like you’re crazy busy these days, the saturday morning class much be so tiring but those little kids sound like the cutest!

    COS is a great place to look for staples, they’re really great for seemingly unique looking basics…

    Love the DIY jewellery!

    haha and i like the way you started this one :D the outfit is perfect. i especially love those studded converses.
    your pictures always make me miss china. seriously, next time i head over back home we HAVE to meet up :)
    and i actually think that you teaching kids is so awesome! i wish i could :) what do you teach them actually? and did you have to do any training?

  21. youre posts are always so interesting. theres so much to comment on. i love that cardi youre wearing. also love the necklaces. the wang wangs are soooo goood! i love them! and the dog… sooo cute!

  22. hahahaha your mom is so cute.. she wants to be on you blog. And Denise.. I totally can’t imagine you being a teacher. I’m surprise you don’t bite their heads off and eat their brains…

  23. I’d suggest bringing your shoes to a cobbler, They’ll be able to sort your shoes out pretty easily.

    Another trick I heard was to fill a bag of water the stick it into your shoes and place them in a shoes box into your freezer and the frozen water exapnds and strecthes them out.

    But who would want to freeze their shoes?? Nuts hey?


  24. ohhhhh I want that soup with the dumplings. When I go to HK, you mustttt make a list of places for me to eat at =)

    Also, those shoes are amazing. I also saw some tutorial on youtube by that MichellePhan girl about how to stretch out shoes that are too small..You should try that.

    Oh and my favorite trend right now (not sure if it’s really a trend) is big puffy bubble jackets =). I just bought the J+ one and it’s amazing! Except people always look at me funny haha

  25. Oh i am loving the fur on your cardigan girl!! And thanks for the shout-out!!

    I am entering the contest and my favorite trend is ethnic jewelry, like Erickson Beamon earrings, anything beaded and intricate, something you can wear only one piece and look totally accessorized. Something that looks like it was handmade and super special.
    Oh and you never told us what your fav trend is, so what is it?

  26. Isabella Ting

    Love your style! Just wondering..where do you get your sense of style from? Noticed you don’t blindly follow the latest trends..good for you!

    By the way, my fav trend has got to be thigh high boots, over size tees, bodycon dresses and layering of jewellery!

  27. my favourite trend is actually that jade green nail polish that’s been going around like wildfire. i still haven’t managed to get my grimy paws on it :P

    i’d kill to find awesome chinese on the west coast. sigh. your soup is making me hungreh.

    OMG lovelovelove the marni shoes and the faux fur! aah. now i want a nice fuzzy fur coat tooo!

  28. denise! i LOOOOVE the marni’s!!!!! that fur shawl looks pretty good with shorts, totally different!

    and your mom is adorable!!! love her!

  29. oh wow, i absolutely lve the faux fur and the studded cons! great blog! how do you make the moving pics? please reply~

  30. hahahaha i love what you wrote about the distance to close your eyes! so funny. omg. and TOTORO i see that biatch everywhere now! i need to watch the movie again and refresh my memory! love the jewelry you did, tassels! woot! i need to get on making more of my stuff…. and getting it on etsy or something. i’m such a lazy tardddd!

  31. Love the blog, just stumbled across it via Refinery 29.
    Favorite Trends:
    Velvet & Leather

  32. start an online storeee i love all your DIYs! geometric necklace is to die for!
    and your mommy is so cute. LOL ah sum style
    i love wongwongs. i also like the round rice biscuit things with the icing sugar :) yumyumyum
    and yummy marnis too, of course

    trends? hmmmmmh asymmetry and oversized/textured knits


  33. wooooooooo finally another post!! :DD i LOVEs this one.

    so many awesome things to comment about!!
    first of all, oh man jia you with the teaching job!! heh it does sound kinda interesting/hellish (yeah both are possible eh)… am sure at the end of the day the kids’ll learn to love you.. is there good money involved?

    that bowl of dumpling noodles looks soooo good!! i’m still really really hoping to be able to go to HK in dec… not too sure yet… heh i totally will have to ask you about all the great places to eat at!

    those Marnis are really really pretty :) sigh. what nice shoes…

    btw, where do you get your rods to DIY necklaces from!! :p i’ve been searching quite a few craft/bead stores in SG but none of them have simple metallic rods like the sort you made your necklaces with… does it cost a lot? ;p am sort of hoping you might be able to get some for me on your next trip there? heh will email you about this!

    oh yeah and you were asking about online shopping? ;p heh well the f21 stuff was a bit of a splurge (more than a hundred SGD but less than 200) but then i got quite a few things at a go so after 100 the shipping cost is just a flat fee of 30USD so i bought enough to make sure than after shipping each item still costs a little less than what i’d be able to get it for in SG… do you do lots of online shopping too? :)

  34. I love this post! Your first outfit is great, your mum is very chic and adorable. The food looks yummy, those sandal heels are to die for, just ahh :)

  35. i think that my favorite current fashion trend is matte nail polish. in fact, i have some opi matte on right now i got the other day.

  36. i die for the necklace!

    my favourite trend is embellished tights, i’m looking to find a good tutorial for a DIY :)

  37. ooooooooooh a competition with the closing date on my birthday! *crosses fingers soooo badly*. i love your picture filled posts, it makes me miss HK so much though… when you come over to UK give me a bell and we can shop together! and check out COS!

    anyway, my favourite trend at the moment is LEATHER JACKETS… whats new, eh? thats the great thing about the UK – the weather is cold enough to break out the layers. i’m definitely feeling the preppy/gossip girl sort of winter chic as well as the grunge/leather thing and i absolutely love all the J+ uniqlo stuff – the jil sander line. so chic and understated, perfect with a good pair of riding boots and some skinny jeans. tartan/plaid are always winter staples, great for adding a bit of wintery colour to any look.


  38. and not that it really matters since i’ve stated so many favourite trends that i’ve basically gone overboard but chunky knit SNOODS are also a trend i’m dying to try out xxx

  39. Im always impressd by how many photos you have in each post. I loove your necklaces and those shoes are amazing!

  40. Love the title on your post – its so true!! I love how u wear everything with confidence, makes it look even better. Gotta give u props for wearing the fur out in hk!! Did u get many ppl eyeballing u? Ur bringing all the right trends to hk~ you go girl!

    My favorite trend is anything that’s studded leather, nerd glases, high bun, shirt dresses and blazers!! Oh and I love brogues!!
    I’m thinking your cross necklace would complete my outfits perfectly ;)


    i love that there’s a cross embedded in that cross!

  42. hong kong!
    am i glad to have found you.


  43. so jealous of all your accessories! you wear them so well.

  44. its been a veryyy long while i came back to check out, n u got the answer to how i shd blog since i have a hill of things to tell w diff. themes, so a line divider shd be done :D

    anyhow on yr heel problem i’ve checked out last time somehwere in u tube theres this gal who made a tutorial to make yr shoe front bigger using ice…
    if u cant find it lemme noe just email n i’ll try 2 reply if i’m not busy (GAH FRUSTRATION W THE CRIMES OF BEING IN SCH)

    hmmmmmmmmmmm i got no fave collection…. chanel RTW has always been one of my LOVE always. always and always wil be. always the windows that i’ll be dreaming, not only the clothes but the decoration! OOMPH<3

  45. oh yeah forgot to mention my fav trend now ;p

    definitely THIGH HIGH BOOTS. I just loooove the idea of thigh high boots with a mini dress.

  46. agree with the others: on youtube, michelle phan has a video on it! i dunno if it’s for faux leather or real leather though : /
    aww the fan is so cute! and your jewelry is amazing! you really should start selling them! make more moolah! haha
    lol really you want the domo cup/straw from 7-11?

  47. I am so jealous – I NEED YOUR HEELS!

    I love your chain necklace as well !

  48. I don’t know how I coould have missed this post of yours ahahaha I thought everything was one post all together !

    Anyway,I adore your bad its so gorgeous ! And I loved the Q&A post. And those new boots are gorgeous!

    Ohhhh yes,I got my jacket from a local blogshop,modparade.com But I’m not sure if they still have it though. heeee

  49. My favorite trend this season are the leggings. Leggings with wild prints, lace leggings, slashed leggings, and even meggings!

    Its a wide trend with different variations. Its enormous!

    LOVES. :]

  50. Oh, nice snatch on the Marni’s! To stretch them, try wearing a pair of socks with them around the house for about an hour; that usually does the trick for me.

  51. stephenie

    hi sweet, would u intend to sell your h&m print dress, do email me steph_seah@hotmail.com
    been looking all around for it. thankq!(:

  52. hey stephenie, i emailed you back like 2 weeks ago. I hope you received my email!

  53. hello!
    this message will sound a little bit strange but i have to ask you something. i lost exactly the same fake fur collar from h&m you have, it is a very very special piece to me and i was looking for hours and hours over the whole internet,etsy,eby…but your picture was the only one which came with exactly that fur…
    do you think it would be somehow possible to buy it from you?
    i saw that somebody asked you to sell also a dress and i am aware that you are not a fleamarket but i really cried all over that fake fur….
    please let me know if that`s possible…..

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