Glamorous Daisy tshirt from ASOS, Zara silky tank underneath, Uniqlo jeans, Chloé ballet flats, Céline cabas tote and Céline holographic studded iPhone sleeve.

This is what happens when you get my mom to take outfit photos for me: so blurrrrrr!!! It’s okay, it was just a basic outfit anyway but I’m super in love with this sheer oversized Daisy print top I recently received. It’s going to get a lot of wear this Summer when it’s hot hot hot! I also recently rediscovered these flats in my closet. I think I got them right smack in the middle of winter so it just slowly disappeared but now that it’s warming up, I’m gonna be wearing these super soft flats everywhere, especially since I’ve literally just declared that I officially can NOT walk in heels anymore. Is this a sign of old age? Can I just wear heels then scooter everywhere from sofa to restaurant so I don’t have to walk ever!? SAD SAD SAD.

Anyway this was another short quick trip to Hong Kong to get some wedding stuff going. Oh yah did you guys catch my update on Instagram? Jason and I are engaged! So happy! So lucky! So excited! Don’t worry I won’t be gushing too much on here about engagements, love, weddings etc etc. We’re keeping everything as simple as possible and I’ll update you guys with little things here and there!

P.S. please excuse the disgusting state that my hair roots are in…give me another month and a half and it’ll be back to normal :) Saving the touch up for a very special occasion!

Lucky baby at home!

Here’s a quick instagram/vsco update:

1. Ice Cream at Via Tokyo with Sam, Gabbie, Carmen and Sha
2. A classic favourite: Karen Walker Helter Skelter sunglasses from The9thMuse
3. New in: GRAM X Carin Wester heavy chain sandals!
4. My mom’s super cute Chanel sitting on a pearl pin!
5. New in: Céline holographic studded iPhone sleeve!
6. The best! The full Proenza Schouler x Mac Cosmetics collection *DROOOOL*
7. Checking out Chen mi ji vintage shop on Sun Street
8. Tired tired tired 9. Same same
10. Dying for these Jil Sander (on sale!) sandals, but walked out empty handed ):
11. Ap Lei Chau
12. Cute little pom pom cacti
13. Hi mom
14. Giving bread to the elderly and mentally handicapped in Cheung Sha Wan
15. At Gogyo, officially declared it my new favourite Japanese restaurant!
16. Hong Kong (*゚⚙͠ ∀ ⚙͠)ノ❣

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