Diesel Black Gold label sweater (old), Uniqlo black jeans, Alexander Wang Rockie bag and Nike Free Inneva Woven runners (similar here).

It’s been all mushy around here lately but the really good kind of mushy. Weekends never come soon enough, when all we want to is watch a movie (Harry Potter on heavy heavy rotation lately), walk Sumo, play with Sumo and go for yummy date night dinners. Last weekend was one of the best extra extra long weekends (five days to be exact) and plenty of yummy food, Sumo cuddles, TOUGHLOVE hugs and not so much Fire Dragons were devoured. Now we’re back to a full normal week which means back to working days and eventful nights. It seems like it’s always suddenly Monday and I have to wait a whole five extra long days for my fun weekends to start again ):

On our long weekend, we rediscovered Jason’s Yashica and took it out on a day of early morning Chinese breakfast, errand running, movie watching (TED, so funny and so funny the fact that me and Jason were basically the only ones who understood any of the jokes) and taking Sumo out with us everywhere we went. It was pretty much perfect. Anyway here’s a day of Yashica photos in my new favourite shoes: Nike Free Inneva Woven. I’m so out of the sneakerhead game but apparently they are a quite limited run (har har) of shoes and are pretty much sold out in Hong Kong now. The hand-woven upper, the leather tongue stamped with NSW and the black and white speckled free sole is pretty much perfect. I know these Nike Frees are all over the blogs nowadays which I find hilarious honestly (seriously, could bloggers BE any more hypebeast-y) but for me, these Nikes are more like an ode to my sneakerhead past. Thanks Jason for letting me revive my days of being young, wild and retarded with sneakers ♥

Breakfast, Hong Kong Style: fried instant noodles, satay beef macaroni and toast with ham and scrambled egg.


  1. Woot! Yay for film camera!! Love the photos!! It’s so awesome how the dates don’t show and is all messed up like computer glitches! Sickkkkest!

  2. Ah you cutiessssss.
    I totally missed the extra long weekend in Europe- wanted to meet Sha but she wasn’t free for dinner.

  3. film is the beeesssst! i really like the photo of you on the corner in that sun and amidst all the korean restaurants. :D

  4. SAO CUTE!!!! ^^

  5. I just started following your blog and I really enjoy it! I love your love for camo print, Alexander Wang bags, and boots! My dog started following Sumo on Instagram as well check her out @ Nipsey_Muzzle

  6. Fried instant noodles is the best. So is my 13-year old kid moustache. Sweet!

  7. These photos turned out so great, I need to find myself an old film camera to play around with now!

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