Floral Dr Marten’s Lottie Boots in action!

So my DM boots finally arrived!!! and..to be honest, they weren’t what i thought they’d be. I thought I had ordered the regular DMs, curved toe in a floral print, but what I received was a pointier toe version. I guess this was maybe a wonderful surprise? I dunno, I’m still trying to get used to it, and to be quite honest, they hurt the back of my ankles the first 2 days I wore them..so I’m on a Floral DM hold-off until my ankles are all healed up.

We spent the day walking around the Farmer’s Market and had a quick pit-stop at Dogmatic for some grape soda and chips. Before taking the bus home, we took a quick dip into Forever21 (btw, super bad idea to have the bus stop right outside F21 on 14th street, super tempting while you wait), and I walked out with this really really pretty floral tube/corset-like dress. It was probably the last one in the store and nans snatched it up so fast before this other lady who was eyeing it got her grubby hands on it.

Nice pose lulz!

Eating a lemon slice from the Farmer’s Market

hahahah nice face!!!

My new F21 dress worn with a Hanes tshirt underneath.

Detailing of the floral print.


For dinner I decided to cook up a humungo Mexican feast. I LOOOOVE Mexican food, which I was only able to properly discover once I moved to America. I made chicken quesadillas, guacamole with blue corn chips, tomato salad and Spanish pilaf/rice (which I went on to dream about). Just a mere 1 or 2 hours after stuffing our face with Mexican food, I decided to randomly make chocolate chip cookies! I tend to make them enormous cos my bf loooooooves chocolate chip cookies and which he then proceeded to stuff his face with like almost 3 giant cookies.

Mexican feast!

Almost there!

Stuffing your face yah? Doesn’t his head look BIG AND HUGE? Bigger than normal? Oh and some ppl were asking, yah this is my boyfriend. Brief introduction: he has a big head and he loooooves chocolate and coffee haha.

Nice nostrils!

  1. wow
    looks super yummy – good chef
    haha n ur boyfriend doesnt look like he has a big head
    but i guess u would know

  2. nice dress!! and cookies looks gooooooooood.. im just gonna walk up and down your stiars for few hours when im there cos i bet ima gain LOTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTS when im there!!!!!!!!!!!!!! omg see you SOOON!!!!

  3. you didn’t CREDIT my find heh heh hehhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.
    i’m gonna put our boobie brownies up. HEH HEH LULZ

  4. Ah, your docs- so jealous! Maybe you cold try wearing htem with your dress? Kind of like Queen Michelle’s all floral outfit. I htink you could totally pull it off.

  5. This post is so full of sweetnesssss, cookies, the floral docs, the floral dress, and of course, you and your bf together!!! Argg the floral docs are prettier than I imagined! :D spring is indeed here huh.

  6. i just relooked that mousey photo of you guys at dogmatic that i took? and LULZEDDD at mo’s face. he looks like jiminy cricket. HAHAHAHHAHHAHA.

  7. Love this post. I think I like the fact that your doc’s are pointy toed… they are kinda cool like that! And I lovee that little floral dress you got- so pretty!

  8. That is it! Am digging out my old docs.

  9. DUDE!!! let me know next time! HAHAHAH i want cooookies – i’ve been debating whether or not to get those docs too – weird that you idn’t get the round toe???

  10. a few things:
    1. that dress is awesome
    2. did you make your quesadillas differently this time, cause they look different.
    3. cookies look scrumptious! mmmmm yum
    k that’s it. bye!

  11. Im so jealous of your new docs! I have yet to get one :( Need to stop procastinating and start saving up!!! Ugh. And the cookies look so yummmy! I love cookies, well.. who dont? Anyway, i’ve never really like those floral docs but you changed my mind and im dif gonna get them one day! You carry off the look so well!

  12. I love the floral dress! I wanted it when I was in Forever21 a couple months ago but they didn’t have my size- It Looks great on you though!

  13. Woww that’s such an awesome floral dress! The colors are great.

    I can’t believe your guy’s MAN enough to pose with you for crazy photos!! XP SIGH totally makes me wish my own bf weren’t always complaining everytime I whip out my camera…

    Wow nice floral docs!! Though I can understand how they’d hurt at the toes since they’re so pointy… Hopefully it’ll ‘expand’ after a couple of wears?

  14. where did you get them? i’ve searched high and low…. they’re so gorgeous! and plus even though you didn’t get what you expected i think they look better than if they were curved toe. ;)

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