How can you appreciate another amazing round of the Shanghai Biennale (on until March 31st), curated by Anselm Franke, when the main poster itself has a huge huge typo? (See here) Unless I’m missing something and that was on purpose..ugh typos just kill me. Anyway back to the Biennale (and yes I like to pronounce it like bye-en-nee-ul not bee-en-na-lay cos whatever), we headed out to the Power Station of Art again (see our first galavants here and now I’m super missing my blonde hair) to see the show and while I’m not on that art-appreciation level, it made for an inspiring trip and a great weekend.

Lazy weekends lead to lazy dressing and that is exactly what’s going on here. When you grab whatever warmest most comfortable layers you’re surrounded by, you end up with a slightly more bag-lady look than expected. Throw on a pair of badass all black Converse Chuck 70s and you’re ready for more..doesn’t matter..cos it’s a Sunday and relaxing should be the only thing on your list of to-dos.


Okay satisfied!

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