Undercover silk bomber, Freak Store wool mockneck sweater, H&M zipper pants, Dr. Martens 3-eye 1461 and little BAPE bag.

The weather warmed up and the sun came out on the last few weekends which has just been so great. Jason always complains that I wake up so late on the weekend (11am is not late! It’s the weekend HULLOOOO!?) so here we were, me sleepy-eyed, barely any makeup, walking to one of our favourite weekend hangout spots: Hunter Gatherer on Anfu Lu when we managed to catch some of that magic magic light. Wait was it 7am or 4pm..why was the magic light out!? I dunno, I was probably too sleepy to ponder anything except what flavour smoothie I’ll be getting at HG (Deep Sea Acai, my fave).

Picked up this cutie little BAPE canvas bag while we were in Tokyo over CNY. It’s just a flimsy soft clutch bag that’s perfect for the weekend; throw in my wallet, lipbalm and even my SONY camera fits in there and I’m ready to go. The perfect dont-have-to-think-about-anything bag when Jason is rushing me to wake up, get dressed and go out to eat. One of my New Year’s resolutions is to attempt to stop wearing so many sneakers and to start wearing more real “shoes”. Not surprisingly at all, I barely have any “shoes” that aren’t sneakers or summer sandals. Honestly, my only options for covered shoes are my beloved Comme des Garçons buckle shoes or these classic Dr. Martens that despite wearing them 10000 times, they still kill the backs of my ankles (UGHHHH I HATE LIFE). I don’t even have ankle boots anymore. I gave away most of my shoes that weren’t getting any wear..and here I am now wishlisting so many new pairs. Let’s see how this resolution pans out for the rest of the year…to be honest I think it’s going to be pretty unsuccessful seeing that my husband works for the biggest sneaker corporation ever. Ah well at least I tried!

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