Philippe le Bac 100% Cashmere blanket scarf, Opening Ceremony customized varsity jacket, H&M zipper pants, adidas vulcanized stan smiths, Sophie Hulme Albion box tote and Sunnies Studios Dovie sunglasses
On Jason: Vintage NOWHERE tee, Undercover silk bomber (similar), Comme des Garçons trousers, Undercover parka, Céline 41074 sunglasses, random beanie, Converse Chuck II Mono high tops and ninja face mask from Japan.

What the hell, weather!!?? February to March is that weird time of the year where the weather totally punks the hell out of us. Seriously last week it got up to 22°c and then just a couple of days later, it dropped back down to 1°c….what the!!!! It’s been a real game of chance every morning when I wake up..like DO i need to wear my extra warm Uniqlo heattech or not!? Thankfully I’ve been keeping it cosy with this new 100% Pure Mongolian cashmere blanket scarf c/o Philippe le Bac. Seriously I haven’t received something in so long that I have fallen so hard for. I’ve been twisting and bundling it up around my neck every time the mercury has dropped the past few weeks and with just 1 scarf, it seriously makes a huge difference in keeping me warm. I’ve always been a huge fan of blanket scarves, I have two other CDG ones (see this extra vintage blog post). This dark grey Philippe le Bac one is just perfect, I’ve been wearing it with all my black outfits (duh) and the really good quality of their products are made even better by the really affordable pricetag. Like this huge scarf costs only US$165 compared to most brands who sell for over US$300! They offer so many colours and other styles like sweaters and coats so it’s definitely worth a little gander online or in any of their stores around China or Hong Kong.

I just realised I’ve never posted this jacket on the blog before..we got it customized last winter when we were in New York with our family tag #THELAMDYNASTY. The lucky thing with me and Jason is that we share a lot of our clothes (mostly jackets and sweaters) so when we invest in something a bit pricier like an Acne sweater or an Undercover jacket, the CPW (cost per wear) is always lower since we both get to wear it! An excuse I always try to justify with Jason when I’m out shopping…as I hold up a pink bomber jacket or a fluffy sweater with pompoms and I’m like “BUT YOU CAN WEAR IT TOO!!!!!”. We’ve been having lots of fun weekends lately, eating lots (what’s new), re-watching ALL of The Office and lots of snuggling with Sumo at home. I’m just really excited for Spring time to finally begin (minus the Hay fever) and lots of scooter rides on our new bike! Everything’s going so well!

A seriously delicious and affordable (¥45) 2 bao 2 sides set at Baoism! I really recommend getting a side of the Onsen Egg Scallion noodles!

Looking good and bundling up!

On Valentine’s day we had a really chill day at home after brunch since it was so cold again! P.S. SO in love with my new astroturf-like pink furry-ish phone case I got from OC in Japan! Apparently they’re super popular there! The only downside is that it gets dirty REAL QUICK. Lots of time spent plucking fur balls off it…

Food coma inducing spread at Liquid Laundry!

Here I was thinking I could retire my Canada Goose parka for the season but nOoOoOo…it’s still freezing out here.

Went home to pass out with our baby

Okay bye!

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