A couple of weeks ago on May 1st, China got one of those rare and hardly heard of “public holiday” things, celebrating International Worker’s Day a.k.a. Labour Day. Lucky for us in Shanghai, it was also the last day of Strawberry Music Festival! I dunno about you, but I’m completely sick of seeing Coachella pics, not because I wish I was there, but mostly because all those crazy hipster/hippy wannabes dressed as trashy trash are really painful to my eyes to look at. The only thing I love about Coachella is the music and honestly, when it comes to the Californian desert sun, I’d rather listen to the music in the comfort of my air-conditioned home with Sumo on my lap.

Anyway, back to the 3-day Strawberry Music Festival, it was hosted by Modern Sky and held at the beautiful Shanghai Expo Park, a repurposed old airplane hangar in Pudong. This was my first time attending SMF and Shanghai Expo Park. The park is really cool and spacious (perfect for dogs!) and as for SMF, there were 5 main stages but we headed straight to the main Strawberry stage to support local China band Hedgehog and later on, Australia’s finest Lenka. Hedgehog was really really great and I love their super cute but damn cool little girl drummer called Atom. Seriously, check them out they’re really good, they’ve even played at Cake Shop in NYC! Next up was Lenka, and whilst her cutesy lullaby music seemed like no place for a festival, it didn’t help that the audios kept on fucking up and the audience was basically listening to them play live without any mics or sound system.

Anyway at the festival, we spotted the cutest strawberry baby. She dressed the whole part: a strawberry printed shirt and even a strawberry hat to top her curly Japanese-baby-look hair. Of course me and her became instant bestfriends and she just wanted to hold my hand and dance together the whole time. Check my vine video here! BABIES ARE THE BEST. Also, I FINALLY shot a new ddtv episode! Check it out below:

Watch the video in HD here!
Special appearances by Avivi Wang (founder of FANCY SH!T), Ecke (Converse), Seb (Converse) and Sydnee!

Heading into the old airplane hangar, so coooool.

At the main Strawberry stage. Check out that…super cool whatever weirdo girl in the bottom right corner..ugh.

MOM upside down is WOW! Have you guys seen Kid President’s new Mother’s Day video? He’s the best.

Jason’s wearing a SUPREME Hanes tee, UNDFTD snapback, Ray-ban Clubmasters and a Moratorium Studio Kimers necklace.

My new bestfriend: Strawberry baby girl who constantly wanted to hold my hand and dance!

We ended our super tiresome day off with hotdogs at BIKINI at 47 Yongfu Lu. The hotdogs were delicious and came with a mini bowl of tortilla chips as a starter but for that was kind of not worth it tbh.

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