Omg I have so much to update on and I am so behind on outfit posts but I guess I’ll have to slowly get round to it. Updates are so not in sync with the days and I’m gonna be posting outfits from like a week ago but I guess slowly but surely!

So as I mentioned before, I graduated on May 18th at Radio City Music Hall. I thought I’d share some photos of this grand day and to reveal to the world me in a frumpy mumu. One of my friends said our gowns were reminiscent of Missy’s Garbage Bag get-up. I totally agree.

Me and my mom. Sha said she started crying as people started walking into the auditorium. People as in GUESTS not even the STUDENTS. haii so emotional hahaha

Me and nannies, midget-style.

Me and momo being silly as usual.

I’m der shit yo. (btw, wearing my H&M canvas wedges)

Pratt Institute Graduation at Radio City Music Hall, Class of 2009 (HELLZ YEZ)


Next was Sha’s graduation. Her school is weird and had a split up thing where she received her diploma in a department graduation where she didn’t even have to wear her gown. The gown was worn the next day at Madison Square Garden but none of the graduates walked up on stage. So…pointless of wearing a gown? Anyways this department graduation was help at her school, Parsons.

Zara maxi-dress, Gap x Pierre Hardy sandals, AA cardi, DIY studded bag, DIY bracelet, mom’s cheetah shopping bag.

Papz shot of Sha and her empty diploma holder.

Sha doing her grad walk really really fast over and over again.

Me and nanz.

Sha and Mom, wearing her new Rayban Wayfarers (even she’s cooler than me).

Really cool 3D typographic study at Parsons.


Remember ages ago when I gave you a sneakpeak at a DIY project I was working on? I FINALLY finished it. After starting the project in the beginning of March, I finally found the time and patience to get it over and done with..and I’m really happy with the results :D

I present you with my leather studded tote bag. I made the whole thing from scratch: sewing the leather tote, studding the whole bag using gold cone studs and even sewing the gold lining with an inner pocket. It took forever but I’m so glad I finished it. It’s kind of delicate..I’m scared the studs will fall out but hopefully it’ll be durable at least for a while.

Full view of the bag

The inner pocket.

I grabbed the closest thing to put in the pocket to show you guys the pocket incase it was camouflaged in all that gold wash.

Yep, that’s my armpit.

I love my new bag! Maybe it’s just the art student in me but I am extremely drawn to totebags and at first I was searching online for a pre-made leather totebag but couldn’t find one so I ended up sewing my own. I might end up just sewing leather totebags, without the studs, and selling them since it seems like such a hard product to find. The straps were a bit annoying to sew and the studding definitely gave me sore thumbs and pierced skin but in the end, it was all worth it cos I love my bag! What do you guys think?? Like like or hate hate?

  1. LOL LOL LOL my gif.
    and when you scroll down the page while looking at the second to last image…SUPER TRIPPY.
    like wooooOOooOOoOOOOAAAAAaaaaAaAAAH!

  2. nice tote bag!! :)) really neat.

    you’re making me wanna buy a maxi dress now. as if there isn’t enough on my list! lol. keep the posts coming hun

  3. 1. congrats on graduating! so so much! now the question is… what to do in life lol. i hope you guys go to throw all your hats up at once like what they do in the movies xd

    2. the long floral dress! stunning. i can never pull off long dresses, ever. they all just make me look preggars or something.

    3. loved the gif! i love all your gifs hahaha. and sha went to parsons? WOAH. i remember a couple of years ago, there was a brief week in my life during high school, where i wanted to go to parsons and didn’t stop talking about it for that week. short lived dream, but still sweet.

    4. the bag is amazing! i’d so buy it off you for the price you demand, but that is really priceless. it’s just absolutely awesome/stunning/definetely ripping out the art student in you haha. take care! xx

  4. homg okay so why are you so fcking cool ?
    that bag .. i am in love .
    congratulations on graduating !!

  5. bonjour !
    at fisrt congrats for the graduation, and just wanna say that you have a cool blog ( sorry for my english ! )
    im gonna visit it more now :)
    a bientot!
    Boubouteatime xx

  6. Tote is a like like from me! Congrats on graduating!! Your mom looks awesome with that scarf in the first pic XD Also loved your outfit at sha’s graduation too.

  7. I love your hair color! It’s so vibrant. and how long did it take you to grow you hair that long? :)

    and i love that DIY bag :) fantastic

  8. Awww!! Graduation!! I get so nostalgic seeing people graduate – that was me a year ago!!! I miss college!

    Looks like you had a fabulous day though for your graduation ceremonies!

    That bag is great, I scrolled by it really quick and the studs were zooming in and out – !! Totes are excellent – mostly because you can stuff them full!

  9. OMG I got one more year till I am able to wear that hat! Cant wait!!

  10. great job on the tote! My fingers hurt just looking at all those studs.

  11. oh congrats! that bag is amazing. i bet it took forever!

  12. your bag is like like for sure. AND I WANT THAT DRESS YOU’RE WEARING! :)

  13. LOVE your moving pics =] wish I knew how to sew a totebag from scratch! Yours looks great btw <3

  14. Congrats on graduation! I love you Zara maxi dress =) Sha’s blazer is pretty fantastic too. And that studded tote is genius!

  15. sweet grad is always fun:) congrats sweetie;)


  16. Your bag is ridiculously amazing! Congrats on graduation!!

    xo, Becs

  17. TOTALLY COOL BAGG!!! Haha i love all the studs together. The overall effect is really stunning.

    Whoooo congrats on graduating!! American school graduations always seem like so much fun… what with that cute grad hat complete with tassel… You and your boy look so cute when you guys smile with those teeeny eyes. =) Glad you got to experience grad with your mum and sis!

    LOL sha’s gif is teh funniest.

    Ahhh am loving those H&M canvas wedges!!!! Are they still selling now? ;p Or were they like bought ages ago? Hehe if they are still selling, maybe I could ask a teeny teeny tiny favor of you?? =)))

  18. Congratulations! You look beautiful and happy (nice couple) but you mom is very chic, too!all the best!

  19. in response to your comment , yup that’s alexis – my faaavorite. your whole family is sooo adorable. and seriously, your tote too. i do agree that a leather totebag would have been cooooler though b/c i feel like studs on such a light bag would weigh down just the one side maybe? idk what i’m saying. haha

  20. haha love the gangsta pose!!!
    omg love the studded tote bag!!! it looks great :D
    ahh all this graduation stuff is making me want to graduate :] haha that’s a long way off

  21. I don’t know if i told u this before but u look super young…. to be graduating college…

  22. yayyyyy congratulations!!
    & like like!
    so awesome and it looks really well made!
    I hear u on the dificulties with sewing leather/bags in general…I’ve made a couple myself and it’s been painful at times..and now I must have flipped cause I promised to a friend that I’d make one for her birthday…oh gosh!

    x karla

  23. Your mum looks super cool with the Wayfarers! And love love the bag, yes :)

  24. hey girl, thanks for the bday wishes;);)

  25. The totebag looks great! I’m also in love with your long floral dress <3

  26. Congrats you two!! Now go soak up the fragrant harbour. Jealous I is.

    The hair looks awesome by the by. Its very lion-like. Tribute to a high school perhaps? HMM? :)


  27. First you make me want to make cookies (which still hasn’t happened ugh -_-) and now you make me want to DIY a bag! Hahaha!

  28. omg i wrote the longest comment in my life and it didn’t get thru??!!



  30. Congrats on graduating!! It’s an awesome feeling isn’t it? :)
    Your DIY studded bag looks amazing!!! Very talented!!

    Thanks for leaving me such a super sweet comment!

  31. your blog really made me smile,,,
    oh love your DIY, and everythin’

    wanna xchange link with me? or may i link yours?=)

  32. Sweeeet bag, love that it can also double as ARMOR! And congrats on graduating, must feel awesome and kinda crazy! Hopefully we can meet up some other time, wherever we go! :)

  33. WAAAHHHHHHHH don’t goooooo – ps. the tv is awesomeness =)

  34. WOw your tote bag is amazing, I love the leather with the gold studs, the effect is awesome ! Good job :) And congratz on graduating !

  35. That bag is hot! I will totally buy it!

  36. Wuman, your posts are so long :P alright, I guess the comment has to be long (I know you love that muhaahah)

    Oowwwwki 1) Congrats on graduating!!£”love that you paired the wedges with your gown cuz that just shows you don’t opt for the ‘graduation’ heels that you never wear after the event….your momma is so stylish btw, that scarf!

    2) You look Booootiful in that Zara Maxidress, actually a great thing to wear to view a graduation, yet again :P Gotta run off to Sha’s blog to congratulate her gradulation!

    3) ATRHGRHH Loooove that baggg, I can’t believe you made it all yourself, I would so buy it too. The third studs picture under your armpit picture :P is kinda optical illusiony, it’s purdy :D gimmeh if you’re sick of it, I’ll wear it till I’m sick of it and then you can have it again, and then we can do the vicious cycle over and over again.


  37. NEAT BAG! Must have took quite a bit of time but the result is really something, hmm!

    I can’t believe i didn’t come across your blog earlier, i pretty much stalk blogs based in nyc – be going thru your archives :] big congratulations to graduating!

  38. Your mom is so beautiful and stylish as you!:)
    And your tote, just wow…

  39. I used a photo of you in your maxi dress for my blog, i gave credit to you, but wanted to tell you just in case, i also have a picture of your safety pin necklace.

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