Cool hair, bro

Topshop Camo jacket, Stolen Girlfriends Club Skeletal Lace tee from, Zara studded panel jeans, Phi zipper creeper heels (cool 3.1PL version here) and vintage Chanel purse.

I’ve been stuck at home on most days for the past two weeks so it was great to finally dress up (as in, throw on a pair of new heels) and be out hanging and just having a great time with friends. The occasion was the MAC StyleSeeker event and the scene was basically everyone in Hong Kong at a giant cool venue in Wan Chai. This years big MAC party was much bigger than their last (remember this MAC post?) but still just as fun! Cool African tribal something something and lots of yummy drinks, stuck in our own little corner of the giant room and ending the night at Loyal Dining.

Never-ending with my love for camo, kinda bummed that it’s getting so popular now hahahaha. Remember the debut of my camo pants? Still so in love with them and wear them all the time. In fact, please stay tuned for an awesome family photo with full on camo outfits including #sumo’s coming-soon camo harness and hoodie! Exciting!!! In other news, check out my amazing new Phi zipper creeper style ankle boots! They are from Phi’s second last show ever back in Resort 2010 and to me, are the amazing sister shoes to the infamous creeper ankle boots, made famous by Erin Wasson and THIS and THIS Tommy Ton photo. Anyway Nanz helped me score them at a Dover Street Market sale in London and I love them sososososo much even if they kill my feet thisthisthisthisthisthis much.

Cool performance with Chrissy Chau!

With my favourite grandpa JJ from TheWanderlister+

With my friends Alex, Julie and Carmen.

Cool APC jacket, bbbro


On another note, I haven’t posted up any of the recent press things I’ve been so lucky enough to be featured in (please check my press page) but this one definitely deserves some highlighting. Along with some of my great friends and my sister too, we were featured on Independent Fashion Bloggers as the top 15 Chinese Fashion bloggers!! It’s definitely worth checking out who else is on the list and just want to say thanks to IFB for the feature! So happy some of my friends made it to the list too including Sha Lai, Christing, Daniel Kong and Samishome!


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