Topshop striped denim top, Topshop side stripe tailored joggers, Nike Sky High Dunk Wedges City Pack, Orly Genger by Jaclyn Mayer Exeter Bracelet from T9M and Supreme floral deck

Prior to the opening in Hong Kong, my new friends at Topshop sent over a bunch of goodies! These easy breezy pants and this super comfy denim top is on HEAVY rotation..and in this exact combination too haha what’s that saying? Don’t fix something that’s not broken! Throw in our new Supreme floral skate deck and Sumo and it’s the perfect chill ass look! The floral Supreme collection was so hyped up and everyone was trying to get their hands on one of the floral pieces, which is an adaptation of artist Peter Saville’s 1983 cover work for New Order’s Power, Corruption & Lies.. I don’t skate (unless you call rolling from point A to point B skating..), Jason can but generally we buy our skateboards for collecting. I may not skate, but I’ve always been a huge supporter of the skate culture and street style.

Here we are, having fun at home, failing at using our wide angle lens. It’s seriously a light issue no? Any help/tips? Most of the time we shoot with our Panasonic Lumix GX1 but every now and then we whip out our super heavy Nikon D5000 with our Sigma 10-20mm lens. Pre-Lumix this was all we shot with and our photos used to be pretty good but I really don’t know why lately the wide angle hasn’t been our friend, unless we’re in the brightest natural light ever (meaning outdoors, meaning sweating in the heat ntyvm). I must’ve fucked up some settings along the way and now have no idea what to do with it. Anybody have any tips on what to do with the settings? I normally just shoot on the lowest aperture and…that’s pretty much it!

P.S. Shoutouts to the awesome Topshop HK team and the lovely people from Topshop UK! Check out some pics below from back when I was in Hong Kong at a special blogger sneak peak before the major opening of the store at 59 Queen’s Road Central!

Too good.

Post-shopping! Wearing a LPD x Lane Crawford WANG tshirt, Topshop jeans, Topshop boots, Topshop necklace and Givenchy Bag.

Love my HK buddies: Priscilla I’Anson, ChristingC and hot baby mama Alexa Bui!

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