Is that a fly going across my boobs!??!

Custom made silk bomber jacket, Nike leggings, NikeID Roshe Run sneakers and Sunnies Studios Marnie sunglasses

Julie came to visit a couple of weeks ago feels like just yesterday but it was literally a month ago (ahhhh). Took her around all the usual Shanghai touristy stuff like Tianzifang, Nanjing Lu Fake market and obviously The Bund, followed by my favourite hot pot spot: Wulao Elixir Hot Pot. We of course spent an afternoon trolling the streets of Xintiandi not before stopping for some yum yum ice cream from Godiva! The weather has been really nice this whole month with drops of cold weather on perfect sunny and breezy days. I gotta admit, Shanghai is super amazing right now!

My braids and this silk bomber has been on heavy heavy rotation lately oh and these new Sunnies sunglasses! I just got a few more this weekend too and I’m so excited to wear them this upcoming two weeks as I’m heading to Hong Kong for my little Nanz’s wedding (!!!!!) and a huge family holiday to Phuket (Our first in 20 years and our first with little Nadja!). SO SO SO excited for the next two weeks and it’s coming at the most perfect time towards the end of the year where it seriously feels like all the stress and worries of the year has come to a bottleneck and I think this holiday will be the only thing that can release it all. Any tips for Phuket would be greatly appreciated!!

wow okay ignore my man hands

Ice cream lipstick, my favourite kind ;)

Julie’s new sunglasses :D

The Bund was looking mighty fine that weekend!

It was actually Golden week (China’s National day weekend) and so you can imagine HOW MANY THOUSANDS of Chinese nationals came out to the Bund that night. It was definitely the most crowded I’ve ever seen it and I’m glad we escaped to the roof of Three on the Bund where we could actually see the size of the crowd we were just swimming through. Scary!!

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