Random white thermal, Uniqlo jeans, Karen Walker Super Duper Strength Sunglasses from Shopbop, Beanie from Beijing, NIke Free Inneva Woven Limited Edition runners (similar here) and D&G Miss Lily Twist bag.

Another busy weekend! Unfortunately work doesn’t really end at 5pm on a Friday for me. This morning, I started the day with my love and my dog, managed to get all my work done like a good girl then ended the day with a reward: Frankenweenie! Such a great movie and I recommend it to everyone who loves or has dogs or even if you just have a heart. Frankenweenie has made it to my top 5 animated movies list for shooooo!

Managed to catch the last bits of sun today whilst running our errands around TST before the movie. I was just happy to be out and about after doing a 3 day job indoors all day, a SUPER exciting job but time consuming nonetheless. So glad I finally got these Karen Walkers from Shopbop that I’d been wanting for a while now, how fitting since I just did a recent post on my sunglasses collection. Also how great is my new beanie? Got it randomly at one of the hu tongs in Beijing this past weekend (more on that later). Apparently it’s a Tamagotchi beanie! I miss those little guys!


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