H&M long sweater dress (similar), Nike leggings, NikeID Roshe Run (similar) and Chanel purse (similar)

Blogs are probably not a very realistic portrayal of someone’s life. I mean, mine seems pretty travel heavy and most of my outfit pics are serious straight face 😐 (aka no smile blogger pose) when in real life, I travel only every now and then (flying back to Hong Kong DEFINITELY doesn’t count) and my face is normally more silly than serious. Most of the time when Jason is taking my photo (like the good instagram husband he is), he’s like “JUST SMILLLLEEEEEE” or “You look like the saddest girl in the world” when honestly, I’m not really that serious and I’m not really that sad (or not at all). Most of the time there are a good few handful of silly outtakes so instead of being all I’m-really-serious-about-my-blog, here’s some silly pics to go along some “normal” pics. Besides, if you follow me on snapchat 👻 (@zuperwowzomg) then you’ll probably have already noticed how silly I am ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


Yah super normal right?


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