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OoOOOoOoO Something fun for once! Did anyone ever do one of these photo-a-day challenges for a month? I tried to do it once, failed miserably of course, but that was all pre-instagram. Now with insta, it’s super easy to post up a photo everyday and so to make it fun, I made up a photo-a-day challenge called #SUPERGRAMOMG. This isn’t a competition or anything but after the 30 days of April, I’ll pick a user for each day to feature and post 30 photos on my blog (with your username and permission of course). This fun challenge starts on April 1st so get ready, you have a few days to prepare yourself!

DON’T FORGET to tag #SUPERGRAMOMG on your instagram photos so I can search for them! The daily words are really subject to whatever you think it means so be creative and have fun guyssssss!!! Lemme know in the comments below if you’re going to join and leave your instagram username so I can see what you guys get up to!! Have fun :)

  1. omg superwow this will be my extra-curricular activity for april.

    we so excited.

  2. OOHHHHH, I want to play.

  3. Abby al Aziz

    Ive submitted mine! Instagram : abbyalaziz

  4. This sounds so much fun! I’m in!
    oh ya my instagram name is visala :)

    see you up there!

  5. I absolutely love this challenge! i have joined, and my Instagram username is @meeranavlakha. Can’t wait to get started!

    xo, Meera

  6. Fun love this!

  7. ah damnit i saw this too late!well wait…there’s still a few days..can i still join?
    i really love your style :)

  8. Sounds really fun, I gotta try this :)

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