April 2013 saw the creation of #SUPERGRAMOMG! The positive response to this random fun challenge was so overwhelming and I was super happy to find that well over 200 instagram users participated racking up over 2500 photos under the #SUPERGRAMOMG hashtag!!

With many followers requesting a second month, I’m back for #SUPERGRAMOMG2, a second round for July! NEWS FLASH: This time, we are kicking it up a notch and giving out prizes to 5 random users at the end of the challenge so remember keeping up with each keyword per day will increase your chance in winning! These prizes are no joke too! I am so so happy to announce that #SUPERGRAMOMG2 will be sponsored by none other than 5 brands that I personally love: ChristingC, NEWTHINGS, Superga, Sal Y Limon bracelets and The9thMuse!

Check back here for the full #SUPERGRAMOMG2 July photo-a-day challenge list on Sunday night!!


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