Save the above photo to post on instagram and don’t forget to follow me @SUPERWOWOMG and also hashtag #SUPERGRAMOMG2 (with the 2 on the end!)

Woohooooo it’s back! #SUPERGRAMOMG2, the second round of my fun random instagram photo-a-day challenge that first reared its pretty head back in April. This time, to thank all my readers and followers and because I’m feeling generous as July 1st is my birthday, I am giving out 5 amazing prizes to 5 random participants! Obviously, if you manage to keep up everyday, then you have a higher chance of winning! The prizes are some goodies ranging from clothes, sunglasses, shoes, tshirts and jewellery from some of my favourite brands and shops ChristingC, NEWTHINGS, Superga HK, Sal Y Limon bracelets and The9thMuse!

The challenge starts JULY 1st (TODAY!) so make sure you go go go! I’ve started the list off with something easy but most of the words are up for interpretation if you ever get confused! Just save the above image and post on your instagram account to start the challenge off and remember to hashtag #SUPERGRAMOMG2 on each of your submissions and @SUPERWOWOMG! Also please note that if your account is private, then I won’t be able to see your submission.

Any questions or comments? No? Okay now GO!

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