Sugarman oxford shirt, old KGV school tie, old field hockey skirt, Pretty Polly over the knee tights, Cole Haan Maliya 3M reflective wingtips and Baggu backpack (behind)

Yay best birthday ever!! Last weekend was a long weekends worth of birthday celebration with all of my closest friends and family! It all started out with a great dinner with all my coooool friends at Green Waffle Diner (yummmm chicken and waffles!!!) where JJ schooled everyone on how to eat American diner food (extra chicken and straight to the bones). The main attraction of the night was my superKARAOKEwowPARTYomg at RED MR! My love for karaoke only really blossomed in the last few months and now I’m addicted!! And for people who are wondering, we pretty much sing boy bands and girly pop songs exclusively with a few Goo Goo Dolls and Oasis just for me and Jason. But hands down, No Doubt and Gwen Stefani songs are my jaaaammmmmm.

Huge thanks to everyone who wished me a happy birthday and to all my close friends for spending the day with me but biggest hugs and lots of kisses for Jason for organizing everything and for the best Totoro cake in the world *rocafella*. Also shout outs to my mom for birthing me! Woo yeah!

Starting off with dinner at Green Waffle Diner! Mmmm maple syrup with fried chicken and waffles!!!

(Bad) (baby walrus) highschool students and boys with their sparkly toys

Real highschool friends and Julie looking super QTPI!

Fenxxxx TOUGHLOVE for the BEST CAKE EVER ♥♥♥♥♥ Poor guy had to get chopped right down the center! So heartbreaking (yet so delicious) to eat him!!!!

L-R: Jason (TOUGHLOVE), me, Daniel (The White Renaissance), Alex, Carmen, Derek & Melinda (Ztylistas), Christing (Fashion Hedonism), Dan (DanielHungryHK) and Julie!


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