I love rediscovering clothes in my own closet, like this Monki coat that I got over 2 years ago I think that I barely even wore when I first got. It must be because of Hong Kong’s extreme weather, pretty damn cold then next minute, flaming butt-melting hot so we never got the perfect Fall or Spring weather to wear this coat out. It’s definitely a flasher coat, drapey and loose enough to pretend you’re naked under there but don’t worry, I haven’t gone there yet. The beautiful 17-22 degree weather we’ve been getting in Shanghai is perfect for layering my rediscovered coat over a simple sheer blouse (like this perfect Hokk Fabrica one I’m wearing) and simple shorts and tights.

I’ve been asked quite a few times already where this coat is from. It’s Monki and unfortunately from a long time ago but you can look for some black trench coats from different brands and easily compare prices on Uniprice! I’m particularly loving the long twill trench coat from MiniMarket!

During the week I get up to quite a cooking frenzy. We have a rule where we try to eat at home during the weekdays and save the going out for Fridays and weekends. Sometimes I’ll cook up some elaborate-looking but really actually very simple dinners and somedays I’ll go straight up easy peasy like corned beef hash from a can and scrambled eggs with rice (Jason’s favourite home food). Anyway last week I felt adventurous and discovered this premade pizza pie crust and decided to experiment in making a spinach, onion, mixed cheese and egg pizza. It was pretty good although the eggs were slightly over cooked in the oven and the pizza pie crust was slightly too thick. I’m def going to experiment with making my own pizza dough next time. As a side to the pizza, we love corn around here so I quickly and very easily whipped up these crispy corn cakes based on Spoon Fork Bacon’s recipe here. Love that site!

Egg how-to: after throwing on your ingredients, crack 1-3 eggs on top of the pizza and let the raw egg bake in the oven. I think I had it in there for about 10-15 mins which is very long so I would check on your pizza every 4 minutes just to make sure!

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