DIY sweatshirt top, Uniqlo jeans, Alexander Wang Rockie bag, Converse Rubberized Chuck Taylors.

A couple of weeks my little homie P (P for peanut) Nanzikinz and #freetEC came up to Shanghai for the long weekend. All they wanted to do was eat and boyyyyyyy did we eat! It’s always hard to jam everything in to just barely 2 full days but good thing this was their second trip here so we didn’t have to do any of the typical touristy things. Instead..we had Yang’s Dumplings a total of 3 times that weekend, The Public brunch (see below), Wulao Elixir Hot pot (see below also, which I also had TWICE that week..it’s THAT good), Table No.1 by Jason Atherton at The Waterhouse, Di Shui Dong and TWO morning breakfasts of Xiao Long Baos filled to our belly’s brims. In between all our meals, we just barely managed to squeeze in a serving of this year’s Strawberry Music Festival, visiting the HAY Design Mini Market and watching lots of Dynamo magic tricks on youtube at home while we dodged the gross rain.

BTW this top I’m wearing looks comfy no? Well let me tell you…it used to be a pajama sleeping top hahahahahaha I recently really got into some cut-off sweatshirt crewnecks thanks to obsessing over Sincerely Jules’ shop so I aimed my crafty scissors at my most comfy and soft crewneck which happened to be this old pajama top hehehe. I was just doing a test version anyway but am now completely obsessed with the comfort and am thinking of which top to cut up next!

Brunch at The Public, first things first: Rosemary Lemonade and something else delicious with pink pepper flakes!

A side of house cured bacon – you can almost just taste the juiciness from here….

And we couldn’t NOT order the fried chicken and waffles! As someone who loves waffles so damn much, for some reason I rarely eat the waffle part..opting instead for the insanely crispy and juicy and sososososo good fried chicken.

Strawberry Music Festival 2015!

Remember my post on Strawberry Music Festival from 2013 and the #ddtv episode I made (don’t forget to subscribe!) BRB while I look back on that old post and reminisnce on my long long long blue mermaid hair (MISSUBBT.T)….Okay I’m back! On this sad Saturday, the rain decided to come down in truckloads and so after finding some shelter at The Public warming up by the fried chicken, we finally got our asses out to Pudong to hit up Strawberry Music Festival to mostly check out the amazing Converse booth! They built out a whole two floor fixture with pop-up live band performances, a Chuck Taylor sneaker vending machine, a sneaker portrait studio and a special printing station! See more below.

We checked out some bands here and there but honestly, wasn’t too excited about anything. The headliner that night was Dinosaur Jr. but weak little Nanz (jkjk she’s very strong) wasn’t feeling too good after overdosing on spicy fish the night before so we headed back home early! The next night the headliner was none other than Carly Rae Jepsen!! But we decided to sit that one out as well..I would have only gone if Tom Hanks was coming too but he told me he wasn’t so yknow…. anyway another fun year for SMF and just the fact that they have this insane build out for a music festival in China exposing local Chinese kids to cool bands, cool brands (most notably Converse, Ray-Ban and airbnb went all out this year) and just a cool fun outdoor environment is really exciting! Sometimes it’s things like these that make me really love Shanghai..I’ve heard that the “music festivals” in Hong Kong are complete bummers compared to these China ones! China 1 vs. Hong Kong 0 ⋋(◍’Θ’◍)⋌ Now if only I can get all my friends and family to move here…hmm……

On our way to Strawberry main stage..spotting our bff Converse!

Now the front! Checking out the amazing two floor Converse build-out!

China uses that #double hashtag# btw…the more you know!

As seen in the iconic SoHo New York store, the super cool sneaker skullhead!

Festival goers were invited to come get their sneaker portrait (see mine here!) taken that would then be turned into a….

Sneaker bag! Now I wish I had lined up and did it…but the 3 hour wait just didn’t seem worth it at the time! #regret#

Checking out the rest of the main Strawberry stage while one of our favourite iconic China bands Queen Sea Big Shark played!

Just a couple of bros….

…helping each other out (he attempted to jump onto his back at least 5 times…)

Sweet little airbnb recreations of some of their most popular rentals around the world

Right on the water

Might look a little scary but tastes SUPER DELICIOUS

Twinsies! Just noticed it now ahaaha

SUPER bummed I didn’t manage to get one of these…..this little cardboard bag turns into a….

…cardboard hut!!!! I wanted to get one for my baby Sumo to play with at home ):

Another great year at Strawberry!

Wulao Elixir Hot Pot

We ended the epic night with a round of insanely delicious hot pot at Wulao Elixir hotpot! It was my first time that night but it was so damn good that we went back again with some other friends not even 5 days later haha omg looking at these photos seriously makes me want to go back again tonight for dinner..UGHHH it’s so good. Originally from Taiwan, the Elixir soup broth is what makes it so good. There’s only two options: creamy tofu or spicy chilli or you can get both in a yin-yang pot which obvz we did. Both soups are SO good and you can actually taste all the multiple ingredients they use to boil and make the soup. Typically most hot pot places just use some sort of msg based “artificial” broth but at Elixir, they really boil the soup for hours each day before you can dump all your raw meats and dumplings yummmm. If you have the chance, I highly recommend going here (in SH or Taiwan) but just make sure you book at least 5+ days ahead as they can get superrrrrrr busy and crowded!

Yes that IS a beeeeef pimp cup!

OMG this heavenly yin-yang broth: silkiest and creamiest tofu broth vs. rich and super spicy but not numbingly spicy chilli broth

These two little meows!


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