THU THU Leopard Print Parka, Fleabags Traveler’s clutch both from A Boy Named Sue, random thermal, ASOS quilted shorts and Converse x Missoni Auckland Runners

Wearing some gorgeous eco-friendly clothing from Hong Kong’s latest online shop: A Boy Named Sue, opened by my two friends Sam and Tania. They sought to find sustainable yet fashionable clothing from designers who are designing with goodwill and great aesthetics in mind. Not all eco-friendly labels are about frumpy looking wholewheat bland shit, instead Sam and Tania have sourced all over to bring us cool labels like THU THU, The Sway and Maiami, all incredibly cool and trendy yet eco designs.

Headed out one weekend to newly opened Canadian hotdog place Yonge Piggies in Sheung Wan. Love the piggies name but hate that they only serve pork hotdogs. For personal reasons, I don’t eat pork so all i scarfed down that day were the amazing sweet potato fries and a delicious vanilla milkshake. The milkshake was so good that I went back a couple of days to get another one but they weren’t serving them that early in the afternoon yet so I settled for a disgusting vanilla frappuccino from Starbys and cried my way home /sadface/

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