Do you believe in the theory that things happen for a reason? I truly do, especially when it comes to my headphones (LOL). I have been using the same earphones for the longest time until a frazzled airplane trip made me leave mine behind but alas, the cool people over at Sudio came to the rescue and sent me a pair of their latest Klang earphones just in time! For me, I prefer to use in-ear earphones, instead of over-ear headphones which I used to use a lot cos I thought they were cool. Nowadays I’m all about convenience and the fact that my ear holes are so small that in-ear ones are the only kind that don’t fall out the second I leave the house.

These black Klang earphones are great, I mean firstly can we just omg at the black and gold? Secondly, these are made for iPhones with it’s 3 button control (play/pause and volume up and down) and also the sound quality is just perfect enough for me to block out that Shanghai white noise. The packaging and branding is also so on point which, being a grahpic designer, I really appreciate. So here’s to a great pair of earphones that came just when I needed them! Now see me jamming out in my head, listening to Apple Music with my Sudio’s! BTW does anyone else use Apple Music? Any thoughts so far?

P.S. Why don’t you get your own pair of Sudio’s so we can match!? Use code Superwowomg15 to get 15% off until Aug 31st then we can be twinsies~

P. P.S. Can you see my freckles? I kind of love them hehehe Something else I love? My Mess Age iPhone case..the bumpy texture is just so good.

P.P.P.S. Say hi to Sumo everyone hehe he hasn’t made a blog appearance in a while but he’s still here, being a sleepy puppy as usual!

I’m obsessed with his white eyelashes!!

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