That first picture is proof that once upon a time (omg..like 10 years ago..), I used to be hextremely tanned (and much much skinnier, but that’s another story). I used to head down to the rocky beach by my house almost every weekend with my galpals Julie and Carol to “study” for exams while we tanned our rubbery skins off. Flash forward to present day, long gone are my boardshorts and bikini wearing days and now staying indoors with air-conditioning and pale skin is all I need for summer. But yes, there was a time when all I wore was (normally baggy) shorts, little boxy tees, hoop earrings and yes, adidas superstars.

Next year, we are planning to finally do a relaxing beach/resort holiday as opposed to all the city holidays we normally opt for so I might have to resurrect my old board shorts loves! London brand Orlebar Brown has the modern, trendy and functional resortwear on lock. These are the types of beach-related items that you can wear from the beach all the way to post-beach (along with your newly perfect sea-salt-sprayed hair) drinks and dinner. As part of Orlebar Brown’s Christmas feature titled 24 days, 24 bloggers, go and check out my picks on the Orlebar Brown site here! Perfectly just in time for Christmas!

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