Photos are somewhat chronological.

Pratunam Market

Nanz! I found the other half of your pants!!!!!!

Outfit details: b+ab shorts, Zara top, Rabeanco bag, Cotton On canvas shoes and Chloe sunglasses.

lol so cute

Outside (closed) Central World – meaning CLOSED Topshop ):


Arapaima. Biggest fresh water fish and these things eat like MONSTERS. We watched a feeding session and they have like an inner mouth bit like in ALIENS. Fucking awesome. These things were probably longer than 5 feet.

He’s coming ATCHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (cleopatraaaaaaaa, comin’ atchaaaaa Òℒ«Òℒ«Òℒ«). Notice the guy in the back? They had this thing where you can pay 2000baht extra to “ocean walk” which was put this suit thingie on and walk in the shark tank. Nothing too exciting though, we watched someone do it and once he hit the water, the sharks just swam away so he barely even got to see anything. Lame~

Popcorn eating sharks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had no idea I would meet Nanniez there!


Uh, yeah I got a little carried away with the jellyfishies :D

gahhhh street food. Fishballs only so good once dunked in Thai fish sauce. DROOOOL.

CrΓƒΒͺpe for dessert!

On our way to Suan-Lum night market.

Tom Yum Gong <3

nom nom nom all the Thai iced tea for meeeeeeeeee

Tuk tuk back to hotel so fasttttttttttttttttttttttttttt

Late night dessert at the hotel. (note: I neverrrrrrrrrrrrr tie my hair in a pony tail. I was being adventurous that day)

On our way back to the airport ):

Pad Thai at the airport!


Ò€’ Yes to weekend getaways
Ò€’ Street food for lunch was amazingggg
Ò€’ Hands down the BEST aquarium I’ve been to yet. We stayed there for like 4 hours :D
Ò€’ I didn’t buy anything except for my awesome shark ring that I tweeted about.
Ò€’ Can’t wait for our next getaway together <3 hopefully Japan? Ò€’ Impulsively bought a Fuji Instax-mini instant camera just now, which I’m very excited to start using :D
Ò€’ I’m off to Singapore this Thursday for about 5 days to see family etc. We’re hoping to go to the Night Safari which I haven’t been to since I was young. I heard it’s pretty dang awesome so I’m very very excited!! Any suggestions on cute little shops and any fairs/markets to hit up? Hopefully I’ll get to stop by The Little Drâm Store.

See you later :D


  1. are you on diet? you look slim than before…
    and the first photo is nice, you look awesome.

  2. cleopatra, coming atchaaa! holeycow it’s been YEARS since I heard that, hahaha, that song was huge back then wasn’t it!

    i too, want to go check The Little Drom Store out, and i live here! such a failure at getting out, I am. since you’ll be at ann siang hill, you should check out these other shops too – found a blog post which might be handy! HERE!

  3. AHAAH BANG COCK!!!! you have no idea how i love it when girls crack obscene jokes. i find it is a rare thing. your traveller’s outfit is so cute. what is b+ab? i tried to google it but nothing came out. and i dont know how you manage to look so glam. i usually just end up with really sweaty wet hair esp when i’m out and about here.

    squee now that i’m back in asia i can’t wait to go to all the countries around here for short trips! so cheap and more importantly, excellent food. mm tom yam. oh you’re coming this way? lemmeh know about those margielas. i actually wonder if they’re still around. do you reckon they go on sale some more? lol. sigh. if i do end up buying ’em it’ll be all my hong bao money gone. mrmm. but still. let me know anyway. have fun while you’re in sg mizz lai!! :D

  4. Yumm, the street food looks amazing and you’re so lucky you can go to Thailand on a weekend getaway. I should probably do this more often…based in the UK means lots of friends have done Paris/Berlin etc for weekends, but I’ve never taken up the opportunity!

  5. you and your boy are sooooooo cute!! looooove how your hair color looks in the first pic. love it!

  6. ps. last time i checked topshop. those wisteria wedges were back in stock!! go check it out!

  7. Bahah, Bang Cock always cracks me up! As well as this – What is the Vietnamese currency called? DONG! Sooooo childish…
    Did you end up going to Chatuchak markets too?

  8. haha! the only time i had pad thai in thailand was at the airport too!

  9. how much fun! you look great! i love both your sunglasses!

    Adèle Γ’β‚¬β€œ moltocuriosa.comΓ’β„’Β₯

  10. Love the jelly fish images, they are sooo cool!
    Rianna xxxx

  11. You look really good in the first pic! Isn’t Ocean World JUST GREAT! Food is amazing and mega CHEAP! I could so go with some of that Tom Yum soup and Pad Thai *drooooooooooool*
    Transport sucks though, I mostly walked around the place where possible. I was too scared to get ripped off by taxi or tuk tuk drivers =.= Oh and I think you need way more time than a weekend to explore Japan!

  12. bangkoooookkkk omg ;-;
    i havent been there in forever! i want to go back soon, i miss the shopping so much!

    maybe you can go to haji lane or see if there are any flea markets during the weekend (i dont think there is any but i might be wrong). there’s an apc store in raffles hotel on the second floor too.

  13. Ooo! If you come to singapore you defintely need to go to Haji Lane @_@ It has very unique things there , an awesome place for discovery! Just take the mrt to Bugis on the green line, and then walk pass Raffles Medical Hospital and a little further up to arab street and you will find it somewhere there!
    :D Hope you have fun!

  14. love this post! I’ve always had a fascination for sea creatures, so these sea-world-y photos are quite amazing:)

    xx raez

  15. Little Drom Store!!! Also check out Rockstar by Soon Lee (http://rockstar-soonlee.blogspot.com/) @ Cineleisure. It’s the cutest store, I love it :)

  16. Hi,
    I love both of your glasses and the way they fit on you. I have a small bridge, because I am Chinese too, and struggle to find glasses that fit and look fashionable. Do you have any recommendations/what are the style names to both of your glasses? I’d like to try them on.

    Thanks, it would mean a lot.

    and you should wear your hair up in a ponytail more often! it looks so good. i hate wearing my hair up in a ponytail because of my sprouting babyhairs. they’re so annoying.
    and, i love the shot of the inside of the taxi. all those cute trinkets on the meter!

  18. haaaa i love how those photos capture some Thai idiosyncrasies (e.g. funky trinket collection of taxi driver). TUKTUKS are AWESOME!!! So glad you had fun XD And hope you managed to trek through the entire Ann Siang Hill!! (jellyfish are dang CREEPY.)

  19. denise… that food looks so yumsicles. you and the boy make a very cute couple.

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