In the almost 7 years that I’ve had this blog, I think this is the first time I’m doing a proper What’s In My Bag post! I’ve tried in the past to do a video one but failed miserably. I just recently confessed my love for fluffy things and this new black MM6 shearling bag from Graziashop is my new favourite thing I’ll be carrying all winter. The big opening with no clasp/buckle though is a bit annoying cos knowing how clumsy and whatever I am with my bags, all my shit is bound to fall out when I just plop my bag down. You know my love affair with everything black, so having a fluffy shearling bag is fun to add texture and dimension to my normally boring all black jersey/denim/leather outfits. There’s quite a few other bags I’m eyeing from the Graziashop site too, yknow how I am with handbags, just utterly and wholeheartedly in love with all handbags (I mean which girl isn’t!?) and I GOTTA CATCH ‘EM ALL!!

BTW this is also one of my new plants I picked up over the weekend from the Hongqiao Flower Market! I named her Althea and it completely blew my mind when I found out the plant species is called Calathea Ornata. ALTHEA the CALATHEA like what are the chances?!?!?!?!?! Crazy right?!?!?! I must’ve known deep down inside that Althea would be the perfect name for her. I picked up 2 other super gorgeous plants too that I’ll show you guys next time. No joke, the HQFM is my new favourite place EVER.

P.S. See below to 八卦 bat gua (be nosey) what’s in my bag!

Clockwise from top left ☼ Frenchie coin purse, Apple in-ear headphones, Nars Dolce Vita matte lip crayon, Inhaler, Incase portable battery, mini Vaseline, Keys with H&M gold lobster claw keychain, iPhone 6 Plus, Glossier Balmdotcom, Ornament Gradient card case, Sony RX100 M3 Camera, Supreme x Comme des Garçons Wallet (similar), Hello Kitty hand sanitiser from Kiddyland Tokyo and Apple 0.5m lightning cord.

  1. MAISON ALTHEA! Great Post!

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