Jason and I have been searching for an American flag for the longest time. The best ones we find are real vintage from the 1930s and cost way over $300USD and we’re not about to drop that kind of CA$H on a flag (we prefer to spend the money on multiple hotpot/mcdonalds curly fries instead). Chocoolate is one of those brands that are synonymous with locals in Hong Kong and who can ignore their delicious chocolate bar store exterior at The One in Tsim Sha Tsui (spotted way back in this post from when I was young and blue-hair-less).

Anyway we picked up this amazing scarf/blanket thing from there and shot these on Korean street just after we returned from our quick trip to Singapore (more about that later). These little shoots with Jason are the best cos he knows exactly what should be highlighted and is very generous in taking as many shots as possible. It’s not obvious, but just right of the outside of this frame, you would find our little baby Frenchie Sumo crying his lungs out in desperation to jump into a parked car right next to us. I really don’t know where his obsession with being in a car comes from and I only wish I had a car INSIDE my apartment just so he can relax in there all day. Follow him on instagram, he’s the cutest: @_sumodog

I can’t believe our New York trip was all the way back in November during Thanksgiving and I still haven’t posted a single thing about it. Oops!

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  1. The boots are so cool!
    With love,


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