Zara white long blouse, Monki black cuffed pants, H&M faux fur, Prada purse, Marcha ballet flats and Isabel Marant pour H&M necklace.

Look who’s back! Can you believe it’s been almost two months since my last update!? What in the what!? My blog has come back from the depths of hell a.k.a. major blog server issues and now with a new and improved birthday suit! Without changing the overall layout, I’ve simplified the look and feel and kept it clean and minimalist. What are your thoughts? Yes? No? The only issue right now is that my archives (that’s 5+ YEARS OF POSTS ั‰(เฒฅะ”เฒฅั‰) ) is unavailable right now and I’m still working to get that back up. I’d just like to take this time to quickly thank everyone who waited out while the blog was going major major maintenance (hopefully never again!!!) and I shall reward you guys with a giveaway! Scroll to the bottom to read more :)

As for this outfit – I picked up this monster scruffy furry faux fur from H&M (woah a mouthful) a couple of weeks ago and though I look like a huge poofy bear, it keeps me warm and I love stroking it! My hair roots have majorly grown in now so I’m due for a touch-up this week right before Chinese New Year. Apart from working on my blog and some special project, all’s been the same around here: weekends with my love and Shanghai friends, eating to stay warm and watching tons of movies and TV shows (new favourite show: Trophy Wife *BERTBERT*) at home while we hibernate during the cold weekends. We’ll be heading to Hong Kong this coming week for a couple of days to celebrate Chinese New Year with family and I am SO ready to stuff my face with ่ๅœ็ณ• (lor bat go/radish cake)!

Don’t forget to scroll to the bottom for the giveaway!
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To thank everyone for having such patience while I sorted out my blog, I’ve decided to host a fun and easy giveaway! Included are a few limited edition make-up items, 2 pieces from the limited edition no-longer-sold Isabel Marant pour H&M collection and some delicious little extras! Consider this as a welcome gift for my newly and finally up and running blog and as a belated Christmas giveaway that I never got to host. I wish I could gift every single one of my faithful readers but alas, just one mega giveaway will have to do!

1 x Isabel Marant pour H&M Scarf, 1 x Isabel Marant pour H&M kids bracelet (set of 2), 1 x RiRi โ™ฅ MAC Eye Shadow Palette in Her Cocoa, 1 x RiRi โ™ฅ MAC Frost Lipstick in Who’s That Chick, 1 x MAC Cremesheen Lipstick in Night to Remember, 3 x Ciatรฉ Mini nail polish and a bunch of sweet delicious goodies and some stickers!

1. Leave a comment on this post (with a valid email for contact).
2. Share on any and all social media platform you want – remember to @SUPERWOWOMG and hashtag #SWOGiveaway

Sunday, February 2nd 2014, 23:59 Shanghai Time.

  1. Happy Chinese New Year!

  2. YAY YOU’RE BACK!!! XX missed you

  3. I am glad you’re back and the new layout looks lovely! Thanks for hosting such a generous giveaway, THESE PRIZES ARE INSANE (!!!) PS saw this post on Pinterest but it isn’t up on Bloglovin’ :/ (email : weesy.ish@ hotmail.com)

  4. Hells yeah, you’re finally back!! Can’t believe it’s been so long since an update, what a nightmare for you to try and fix. Welcome back :)

    Sharing this giveaway on Instagram now because it’s so insanely good!!!

  5. knl_baechler

    perfecttttttttt :) waiting for some new posts <3 and your photos from Paris.
    xx cannelle

  6. Ah the updated layout looks great and I’m so glad I can read your blog again! You two are like the most stylish couple ever. Love that coat – you looks so warm and fluffyyyy! That would be good to wear here but I imagine that Shanghai is feeling pretty cold right now too. Would love to go back to HK for CNY one day!

  7. Oh my god, you’re back!! Finally!! Have been missing you and your posts! :’) xx

  8. YAY YOU’RE FINALLY BACK!! I missed you so xx

  9. Can’t believe you’re finally back! I went through 2 months of checking your page and being disappointed everytime. Luckily for Instagram where you still posted your amazing photos! So glad your blog is up and running again! I too love the new layout, it’s very crisp and fresh, hard to come by these days with blogs being flooded left and right with adverts and such.

    Welcome back to the blogosphere!

  10. ahh i’m so excited to see new posts! so jealous that you get to spend CNY in HK with all the amazing food and whatnot

  11. yay your blog is back up! and this new layout/theme looks amazing (this font is rad as well)

  12. This giveaway is wicked and I absolutely love your blog <3

  13. I love the new layout! Happy CNY

  14. YAY! I’m so glad you’re back; I’ve missed your posts (and Sumo) so much :D

  15. yay welcome back! i love the clean look :D

  16. Looked forward to your return!

    jamieykao @ gmail , com

  17. Welcome back, I’ve missed your posts! The new layout looks really chic and clean

  18. Welcome back and happy new year!

  19. Eating to stay warm, FTW! Happy New Year!

  20. Wohoooo!! Good to read you again!! Have a Happy CNY, It’s my first CNY in HK :) <3 ( rosanamav@gmail.com )

  21. YEAH! finally you’re back!

    thanks for the giveaway! i wish im the lucky one xoxo

  22. Loving this minimalist layout! & Happy New Year in a few days time!

  23. I have never won anything in my life. But somehow I would love to give it a try here since you’re one of my favourite bloggers :)

  24. Welcome back Denise. You have been sorely missed xx

  25. Welcome back! Here’s to a new year of fashion, food, and life!


  26. Love your new design esp the font so crisp and clean! And welcome back!!!! Wish you a early Chinese New Year :)

  27. neat layout! welcome back DD :D

  28. About time, about time.
    Blog theme is lookin’ good, too.
    Happy New Year!

  29. Nice comeback of your blog!

  30. whoop whoop. welcome back ! happy chinese new year !

  31. I want in *muahahahahaha ha ha*

  32. Glad that you are back!

  33. YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY! Happy new year! :))

  34. โ€“โ€“โ€“โ€“โ€“โ€“โ€“โ€“ Love your Prada bag & congrats on your rereturn !

    โ€“โ€“โ€“โ€“โ€“โ€“โ€“โ€“ I shared on FB: https://www.facebook.com/nordonez21/posts/10203020637462341

  35. JieBaoKing

    D, blog back up… that’s great and all, but Mia NEEDS those bracelets…. #YOLO!

  36. Woot! Glad yr back :)

  37. Yay you’re back! And oohhh been dying to get my hands on any Isabel Marant x H&M collection piece! Sadly no h&m here in the phils.


  38. lovin the bear coat on you!!

  39. so excited to have beloved superwowomg back :)!

  40. So happy this is back! This new layout is amazing, you are such a nerd. #SWO4LIFE


  42. glad to have you back!!! blog is looking realy lovely, motivation for me to get off my butt and blog again…ah the joys of getting a fresh post up

  43. Love your accessories! And the Prada leather bag <3

    Happy CNY. Can't wait to eat lor bat go as breakfast everyday haha


    yay at the blog being back up !!! love the layout. and this giveaway is RADDDD.

  45. Your photos and sense of fashion is brilliant! :) Love the atmosphere of your blog!


  46. Such a fab outfit xx

  47. just found your blog and love it! I have the same coat from H&M and it has got a lot of good feedback haha!


  48. hi, thanks for the great giveaway. i do hope it is open internationally.
    Radmila, shared on twitter https://twitter.com/radmilamilamila/status/428640271463485440

  49. I would love to win this giveaway and happy new year!

  50. Omg please please please I would like to win <3

  51. This is amazing! I shared on twitter :) maelintheteenagefail@live.ca


    Happy CNY! Glad that you are back with new awesome layout!
    Shared on instagam,

  53. Happy Chinese New Years!

  54. Yay! Happy that your blog is up and running again! *creeps outfit posts*

  55. Amazing giveaway, thank you very much!!!! :)
    Tweeted: https://twitter.com/dinky___/status/429246922256162816

  56. Thank you so much!
    shared on twitter
    twitter: reeyraay

  57. Faith Ehizielen


  58. Happy Chinese New Year, may you, your family & sumo have a blessed year ahead! :D



  59. Welcome back, Denise ! Miss you!

    Email: annashahira[at]gmail.com
    Social media status: https://twitter.com/annashahira/status/429650712184623104

  60. Welcome back :D

  61. i hate you denise :/ for disappearing for so long. i was constantly checking your blog as usual and there was no feed in your blog … html was in complete mess back then … i couldnt even re-read your old posts …

    anyway, welcome back, just about time. happy new year :) loving your Prada purse. is it vintage?

    my email: christiandyuen@gmail.com

  62. Welcome back & Happy Chinese New Year :)

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