H&M Moto-pants/leggings (peggings?), H&M tee, Zara boyfriend blazer, Luna Bi circle cashmere scarf, Converse Chucks, Dolce & Gabbana Miss Pocket bag.

All DIY necklaces, H&M ring.

Woohoo yay an update that isn’t more than a month late. Wahahah and there’s so much to post today! Thankfully my life has started to calm down and I’ve been lucky enough to be less stressed at work and have been given the chance to relax more, especially during the weekends. That teaching job that I was doing on Saturday mornings has finally finished. I love kids and all but 3 hours nonstop (literally NO BREAKS) from 9.30am on a Saturday morning teaching English to Chinese kids a range of 7 to 13 year olds just did not make me feel good. Every Saturday at 12.30pm, my voice would be dying from screaming non-stop at the 9/10 year olds. So fking glad that’s over. However, I am thinking about teaching at an art school sort of thing or just those weekend arts & crafts classes for kids. At least that’d be more in my common interests and hopefully there wouldn’t be like 25 9 year olds not listening and throwing things at each other.

OHhhhhhhhhhhh yah and here’s my new hair. lol I’m so boring, I just dyed it depp-blue/black but it just came out pretty dang black. When it’s really really sunny out then you can kinda see hints of blue but most of the time it’s just flat black. I also chopped about 2 inches off my hair but that’s also unnoticeable and not much of a change. I think this is the most I could do to it right now. I’m still very protective over my hair and do NOTTTTTTTT want to chop it off anymore. What do you guys think?

H&M sweats, F21 tee, Zara boyfriend blazer, Luna Bi circle scarf, Converse chucks.

Weee so I pretty much recycled this same sort of outfit for 3 or 4 days haha. Forgot to bring extra clothes with me when I stayed at PB’s place over the weekend. Some people have asked about PB so let me just lay things out. Yep, PB lives in HK now and he has his own place. Just recently his neighbour moved out so we moved into that guy’s place cos it’s much bigger. We now have an actual living room with a sofa and a much bigger bedroom that has a king-sized bed! So awesome that we found that affordable place that comes with all the furniture AND it’s pretty dang close to where I work so I can sleep in more in the morning before work :D I normally stay at PB’s place during the weekend and at my mom’s place during the week when I have work.

Oh and these are the sweatpants from H&M that I was talking about a few posts back. I decided to be adventurous and wear these out during the day with flat chucks instead of heels. I felt kinda fat and baggy all day but ah well I think it worked overall. At first I thought I’d never wear these sweats without heels but when I’m going to work, I always wear flat shoes/sneakers cos I’m normally late for work and needa run from the train hahaha.

Last weekend was awesome. PB and I had a really relaxing and fun weekend. Lots of walking around and we ended up watching The Imaginarium of Dr. Parnassus. The movie was great and the whole time I was super sad about Heath Ledger and when Johnny Depp says “Nothing is permanent, not even death,” I swear I choked up a bit and ALMOST teared. Otherwise, the imagery is so colourful and fantastical and the costumes are beautiful. Lily Cole was surprisingly good and looked gorgeous throughout. Sidenote: I’m definitely a huge huge fan of the doll-face models like Jessica Stam and Gemma Ward (sad face Y.Y).

Soooooooooooooooooooooooo busy playing on my iPhone on the bus.

Spotted these two trendy lil locals in Causeway Bay. If you can see, his friend also had the same matching patent spikey knapsack. I thought it looked pretty dang cool but I would never use it hahaha

PB overload XD:

90% of the time, PB is photographed with/around/eating/thinking about food.

Curry in a Hurry! PB making an extremely difficult decision.

I love fashion just as much as any other “fashion blogger” but I gotta admit, my first love will always be design. I’ve often thought about ditching design for a career more focused on fashion but I don’t think I would ever be able to make the switch. Anyhow, I just wanted to share with you guys some design books (plus a Jewellery book) that I’ve been dying to get my hands on. If I were super rich, after buying shoes and handbags, I’d probably splurge a good amount of my money on books. I can’t wait till I’m older and have my own apartment where I could have a huge shelf of books where hopefully I’d be organized enoguh and have them all either arranged by height or colour.

Typomofo | papercraft | Initation and Promotion Design | Fashion Jewellery

On Feb 25th, I’ll be going back to my family land of Singapore to visit my cousin’s new baby and to see my grandma and everything. I have to admit though, I am equally just as excited to be visiting my darlings Topshop and Forever 21. I can’t believe they have those in Singapore and not in Hong Kong! We need Topshop and Forever21 soooooooooo badly!! However, the bad thing about opening those stores in HK is that it wouldn’t make me feel special anymore lol. Before H&M opened in HK, I always thought I was sooooooo cool wearing stuff in HK that no one else had cos I bought my stuff from NY. If Topshop and F21 open up here, literally everyone and their mother will always be wearing something from there.

Anyway, back to my point: so I’m going to doing a fair bit of shopping when I’m back in Singapore. Unlucky for my wallet, I recently fell in love with a bunch of stuff from Asos.com. I just wish shipping wasn’t so freaking expensive -.- Anyway, so I’ve decided that I’ll only be getting stuff from Asos if, for some odd reason, I didn’t get anything in Topshop or F21.

Here are some of my picks
TBA handmade collar silk dress | Warehouse silky paperbag waist shorts | Asos lace full skirt
Asos floral button tshirt dress | Staple contrast mesh sleeve tshirt dress | Asos cuffed jersey trousers
Asos bow-back skater dress | Love Milly tulip skirt dip dye denim dress

I am sooooooooo dying for the bow-back skater dress and the mesh sleeve tshirt dress (although I think I can easily DIY this) and the beaded silk-collar dress is to dieeee for. Okay bahhhhhh nvm I just want everything.

Wanted to share this awesome shoe I found in some super old design magazine at work. How crazy and sculptural is this? Reminds me so much of something insane that Gareth Pugh or RIck Owens would do. What do you guys think? Designed by Bart Hess.

Sooooooooooo I finally started watching Glee and I am sooooooooooooo in love. Such an awesome show. In 3 days, I’m already on episode 10 and right after I finish typing this post, I’m going to catch one more episode before I sleep. It’s getting late now, eep, it’s 12:53am already..but there’s always time for Glee :D
Anyhow was watching forgot what episode (I think the one with the diva-off) where Rachel (the nose.) wore this amazing Marc by Marc Jacobs dress. I remember wanting this so bad last Spring/Summer 2009 and after seeing the dress on her, I’ve started dying for it all over again. I’ve searched everywhere online but it is so impossible to find it. I did find something similar at Topshop (third pic), which hopefully I will find in the store, but does anyone know where I can get the actual MxMJ dress? If I can’t find it, I’m thinking about just sewing up a cream lace t-shirt dress with black strips myself but really, I’d prefer the real deal. Please help!

Obi says HUH?

See you guys after my Singapore trip!

  1. Omgosh you’re from Singapore! Me too, I never knew. You should totally do a meet up!! (:

  2. Yaay..i think im the first to read your fresh blog..unless i refresh my page and Im not = /…anywy ur new hair looks fab it looks really healthy and glossy so its a YES from me! another great blog. = D

  3. Have fun visiting family in Singapore! I keep forgetting that Topshop hasn’t opened in HK yet, only a matter of time though! Those kids with the bags are so cute with their matching bags haha. I miss the malls in Causeway bay, cannot wait to be reunited at the end of the year.

    Love your hair by the way! I dyed my hair blue/black once and I totally get what you mean when it just turned out black in the end!

  4. I LOve ur long hair…I want to keep my hair long as well but it does took ages and I’m not really patient
    ahaks.. once it look horried I run to salon hehehe..enjoy ur trip to Singapore..

  5. yay i luvs it when you post :DDD lol i loved that comment “90% of the time, PB is photographed with/around/eating/thinking about food.” um yea because i do that too, lol. he’s soooo cute.

    ahah i cant believe you guys dont get topshop. dude they even have topshop in malaysia man, hehe. but then HK has H&M sooo. trade off?

    ill let you know if i see that MxMJ knock off anywhere. hey maybe you’ll find it in singapore ;) have fun my love!!


  7. Your hair looks better and healthier now! Oh, and I’ve always been curious where PB is from! Oh, and btw, I’ve been reading your blog but I’ve never left comments once so here I am typing in your comment section :D

  8. obi, you cutie!
    And i love the new hair! haha yes i admit i did not notice the length change, but the color is great. I kind of want to dye mine your old color now – did you dye it yourself or did you go to a salon?
    love your posts full of life as always :)


  9. I love love love the hair! suits you very well.

  10. I love your new hair! I used to dye mine deep red for several years, but then got tired of the upkeep (plus the fact that it killed my hair), so I ended up just dyeing it back to black again. And if denim leggings can be called “jeggings” (I saw some J Brand ones at Bloomingdales a few weeks ago), then pants + leggings can totally be called “peggings.”

  11. i love the new hair color and love your blog!

  12. I’m always for short hair (all the ladies in my family have short hair, we just look terrible with long locks) but no way are you cutting yours! It’s way too healthy-looking for such a length to cut it all off. There’s this something about your look, maybe it’s the glasses, that even tho our styles are miles apart, I would want to look like you if I were you? Hahaha, okay that didn’t make much sense but I’m just trying to say I think you look awesome right now so don’t change it!

    I freaking love Glee too! It was so hard to accept that I liked the show at first man. But yeah, it won me over!! And TBA is driving so many of us crazy for it. I really like the bow back dress too, and the silk collar blouse and the shorts and the skirt lol.

  13. aww boo. i leave singapore a few days before you get there =(
    anyway, your hair looks good dark!!! looks super long(er) too…

  14. I love your new hair! And that D&G handbag is beautiful.

    And I drooled all over my laptop when I saw that spiked backpack… so freaking awesome.

  15. yay new blog post:)

    my cousin taught kids in taiwan — now she’s teaching kids in korea. i dunno how she does it. maybe the kids are cuter.. hhaha.

    love when u post hong kong outing pics … makes me reminiscent.

    i really love what u say about design – a lot of the times i wish i pursued graphic design instead of communication .

    I LOVE GLEE… since the day i saw the pilot. lovely music. and i find some of the funniest moments in the subtlest things they say/do.

    i wish i had an obi.

  16. HOMGGGGG you’re coming to SG?!?! THAT IS AWESOME!! How could you not mention it when you commented on my blog entry!! XDD Are we doing a meet up or what!!! haha email me anytime if you want to k!!

  17. I saw those spiky bags before! So cute :) I like the heels’ but not the hairiness cause it might get weird stuff innit like dirt pebbles ..toilet paper D: LOL but the heels remind me of beetles for some odd reason. Yay another post in one month, cannot wait! :D Lol you are so pretty with your hair down ^^ !

    Have fun in Singapore and shop until you drop, okay! <3
    Not literally though :P Hehehe have a good time! :)

  18. Oh my god, have you finished episode 13 yet? OR was it 12… Either way, IT WAS THE BEST THING EVER. AH, BRAIN DIED. And have i ever mentioned how well you accessorize? I love the thin silver rings on one hand in contrast to the huge chunk of silver on the other. If that makes sense.

  19. Reader from Singapore here!
    Maybe I’ll see you here in the streets — it is a small country afterall LOL :)

  20. OH I’m so glad you’re updating for often now :) I love that bag girl and YES Glee is SOO addictive!! I had to marathon that too when I first started. Have a blast in Singapore Denise!

  21. my twinnie and i were adopted from south korea. it’s just our coming to america anniversary. =)

    p.s. i love the hair.

  22. WAHH those patent spiky knapsack are damn ghetto! I need one in order not to be pushed and kicked around when i take public transport!

    Have fun shopping in SG!

  23. Doode. I need to read more DIY tutorials from you. Also, and this is not meant to be creepy, but sometimes *only sometimes* our boyfriends kind of look alike. WEIRD! I’m headed out to Hong Kong next Saturday, and Courts was like: “OMG YOU SHOULD MEET DENISE!” Not gonna hold you to that, haha, but I do hope you have tasty noodle soup recommendations to share!

  24. the zoe’s are amazing. Not exactly worth their price tag but i HAD to have them. I got them a size up too and they fit better than my normal. If you can DEFINITLY get a pair. <3 C

  25. your photography is gorgeous. i love the outfit with the brown trews, orange tote & cream pash. rocking the nudes!
    you’re blog is wonderfully unique.
    PD x

  26. love this, love you, love your bag, love those freaky spider-looking shoesssssss!

    xx raez

  27. oh i’ve been drooling over that tba collared dress for so long…stalked it from pixiemarket (sold out) to here but i’m just not sold. don’t you reckon it might clash with our skin colour eeeep. blend blend…

  28. as usual im loving the jewelry. i love how you called the pants peggings. hahah.

  29. You two are such a beautifully dressed couple!!! Your doggy has great style too hehe. What a cutie.

  30. glee was awesomeeee :D

  31. First of all I wanted to say that I love reading your blog, especially those super long posts! Keep up to good work!

    I’m from Switzerland and I’m in HK since Wednesday for a week and I’ve been telling myself “it would be fun to bump into Denise!” and thought it would be impossible because it’s so crowded here… I guess I was wrong. I was in Time square tonight, and saw you! I didn’t dare come talk to you, because I saw PB first (he was waiting for you) and I kind of stared at him like this o_o “omg! It’s Denise’s bf!” So when you joined him, I was even more O_O. I didn’t want you guys to think I’m a freak… haha
    It’s kind of useless to tell you this now. But I’m still all excited. It’s like bumping into a celebrity! haha
    I hope to bump into you again before I leave, and I will come talk to you this time! (Hope I’m not scaring you xD”)

  32. I love that cashmere circle scarf, looks so cozy! And i totally just ventured outside in sweats too, it actually doesn’t feel as yucky as you think it would, haha.
    I can’t believe there is no f21 and topshop in HK, i feel like that would be a necessity!
    Have fun in Singapore!

  33. Hi from Malaysia! I was just wondering if you could recommend any Typography books? Typomofo looks interesting but there’s not much information on it on Amazon…plus its out of stock at the mo! :( I’m not really a design student (at all) but I have a weird thing for typography! Think its amaze :D
    Anw love the hair, you look great!
    If you took the time to read this, thanks!


  34. Bought GF1 yet? :P
    HOW CAN HK NOT HAVE F21 and TOPSHOP HEY!? Even THAILAND has it =.= There was so much I wanted to get while I was there…but couldn’t imagine how much $ I would have left for the rest of the trip. So I just resisted. Your long hair suits you. Tried a side fringe before? I don’t know what to do with my hair anymore and its been the same for ages.

    Cwb has some pretty crazy stuff and interesting style around. I think I could just sit at starbucks and watch as people pass by with their stylish things. Haha~~ HK is so much fun and I don’t wanna leave!!! Hope I can work here when I graduate. Its so great that you can your bf can be living and working in HK together!

  35. hello! lovely blog :) thanks for visiting mine. es i bought it at a small shop in beverly island (causeway bay) about a month ago! hope you find it! xxxoxox

  36. Your hair looks soo pretty and I love the color of your circle scarf with your looks :)
    I was also pleasantly surprised by lily cole in that movie.

  37. i live in singapore!! you can find the first asos dress in topshop. not the exact one but it’s pretty darn similar! make sure to go the topshop in ION at orchard road because it’s the flagship store and has basically everything. and visit the 4 (3?) floor forever 21 in Somerset 313!! seriously,the other ones are tiny. hope to see you around the streets maybe~~

  38. You seriously nail it with the jewelry every time! And everything you eat looks delicious, mouth. watering. right. now.

  39. That Jewellery book looks awesome!


  41. Hi , i love asos too. and since im visiting spore so very soon, i wonder if u know where about is F21(3floors) in spore? Im not sure if theres any but my friend told me she saw it. im excited to shop ;)

  42. WOW :) really great style. plain simple and says it all ! great !

  43. Fantastik !!! simply fantastik.

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