12th floor, Unit 1204, One Lyndhurst Tower, No.1 Lyndhurst Terrace, Central, Hong Kong.
Tel: 852 2537 7598
Mon-Sun 10:30am – 7:30pm

I’m pretty sure not everyone is as lazy and gets as sweaty as I do so if you’re ever in Hong Kong, you best make your way up to Lyndhurst Terrace to check out The9thMuse boutique at One Lyndhurst Tower. Apart from their huge awesome boutique in Central, they also have a great online store that ships free within HK and free internationally for orders over HK$1199, but like I said, if you’re in Hong Kong, you should definitely head to the boutique so that you can oogle at all the beautiful jewellery and accessories in person! I’d heard so much great stuff about T9M and was so excited to be invited to check out the space so I could finally see what everyone was loving about T9M! No joke this place is a jewellery lover (like meeeee)’s heaven! They stock amazing hard-to-find-in-HK designers like Jennifer Zeuner, A Peace Treaty, Lulu FROST, Daisy as well as many independent designers, vintage finds and fairtrade conscious designers such as The Wayúu TayÑ Foundation.

Check out some of my favourite picks in the store below and make sure you get yourself to the boutique to see the gorgeous pieces for yourself! While you’re there, make sure you say hi to the lovely owners Charlotte and Jing and also follow @the9thmuse_hk on instagram!

Daisy, the PERFECT colourful way to just pile and pile and pile it all on! The dainty little chains in the middle….(seebelow)

from Jennifer Zeuner! Dying, I am so in love with these dainty little bracelets. I picked up the awesome awesome Evil Eye bracelet which I’ve been wearing alone on my bare right hand wrist.

Love these chunky rope bracelets sourced from South Korea. At only HK$242 each, how can you NOT buy one (or two!) in each color.

Kara Ackerman Talulah eternity knife edge rings, Kara Ackerman Talulah Marquee Ring and Jennifer Zeuner Curb Chain Love Ring. The PERFECT stacking rings! The center one is really awesome cos they look like tiny evil eyes all lined up together (can you tell I’m in love with everything evil eye lately?) but I went home with my new favourite wear-everyday Jennifer Zeuner Curb Chain Love Ring (in gold)!

A Peace Treaty four stacking rings, A Peace Treaty Kalansho ring and A Peace Treaty Palm Frond pinky ring.
More yummy rings. I rotate between a few different necklaces that I wear every other day but rings, I have so many but there’s never TOO many! Sometimes I wish I had more fingers just so I could wear more of my rings all at once (no, not weird at all..)

MORE evil eyes! Spotted this Lulu FROST Icon Necklace and was instantly in love. Lulu FROST is one of those designers that my mom taught me about when I was younger and have been loving her playful pieces ever since.

Satchels from The Leather Satchel Co. | Printed cloth headbands from Lulu FROST, Charlotte Ronson striped Convertible Clutches, one of a kind woven bags by The Wayúu TayÑ Foundation, Harnesses by Bliss Lau and A Peace Treaty scarves.
How cool is that silver metallic leather satchel? Also those cute Charlotte Ronson convertible clutches look so perfect for summer and BLISSLAU body chains in HK? Definitely the first time I’ve seen them here!

To be completely honest, I don’t get what the big deal is with owls in the past few years..BUT nonetheless I know everyone loves them so these vintage owl rings are so so good (and so so affordable too!).

OMGGG…the Karen Walker Orbits! I’ve been dying for these for so long but instead I got the classic Harvest sunnies! All these amazing Karen Walker sunglasses are available online too!

A major variety of Bluma Project beaded bracelets! So hard to pick just one but I am eyeing that white one in the foreground, reminds me of Sass&Bide!

And even more colourful Shashi bracelets. The far right cute nugget ones are so good in multiple colors.

Thanks Char and Jing for having me!! If unfortunately you’re not located in HK, then don’t forget that everything is available online tooooooooo!!!

(UGH how cute is Sumo?)

By now you should know that Google Reader will be dying on July 1st (*sobsob* what a sad birthday present) and if you are like me and used Google Reader to death to read blogs, then have no fear because Feedly and Bloglovin’ is here! These two platforms are the guaranteed best ways to read blogs from now on and it is super easy to migrate to either one. If you want to use Bloglovin’, you can easily import your Google Reader feeds through this link and do NAT forget to follow my blog on Bloglovin’! If you want to use Feedly (which is my personal choice), then just by signing in with your google account before July 1st, Feedly will automatically migrate your feeds over to their site. Read more about it here.

Lemme know if you have any problems and I’ll try my nerdiest best to help you out! How else do people like to read blogs?

  1. Wow….will definitely visit this place.

  2. SUMO is the cutest. Why are you so good at animated jpgs!? Wish there were men’s stores like the9thMuse.

  3. I’d just like to point out that I have the same IKEA shelf haha #IKEAFTW

    And yeah I don’t get the owl thing either…

  4. So cute! Very awesome post, loved it.
    Tell Jason we will have more men’s products in, but slowly :)
    Susan is more than welcome to shop this month while the sale is still up to 40% off!

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