Stolen Girlfriends Club sweater from ChristingC Shop, H&M bandage skirt, Steve Madden Gretta Platforms and Chanel 2.55 purse.
Another super eventful week! I try to be selective with what events I attend but I would definitely never pass up a Lane Crawford party (okay..I missed out on Pink is Punk though =.=)!! So anyway LC held an event for the launch of an in-store Theysken’s Theory pop-up shop and the designer Olivier Theyskens was actually there! I really consider myself lucky that I actually got to meet and EXCHANGE WORDS with such a talented designer..and even got to take some pics with him too! We were all really nervous at first but JJ just shoved me right in front of him and I had to awkwardly ask him for a picture. Me and my HKFashionBlogger buddies bombarded him all at once to get our group photo and he was just really overwhelmed with all of us haha it was fun!

Above outfit photos by Carmen Chan.


Olivier (first name basis~~~) with Sarah (first name basis again~~~)

Group pic #1 by JJ theWanderlister+ who SHOULD’VE BEEN IN THE PIC!!!

L-R: Cindy, Sam, Oliver, Tania, Carmen, Me and Christing!

Group pic #2 by Tim Chang!

And yay me and Olivier! Thanks JJ for the awesome pic!!!


I LOVED this girl’s leather jacket! The red gradient seems like such an easy DIY but I think I’d be too scared to ruin such a nice jacket!

Loved that Tania tied her moto jacket around her waist over a long skirt..although not really for aesthetic reasons but it turned out to be awesome! Also in love with her Mulberry clutch!

JJ being super cuties in his 4X4MAN horse print shirt!

Browsed around the newly renovated LC CR store a bit…spotted this rag & bone baseball jacket and DIEDDDDDDDDDDDDD

Sam, me and Carmen!


Carmen’s super cool tote from Whitespace!

Creeeepers gon’ creep!!

Givenchy cap toes!


This dudes awesome envelope clutch and he had some cool clean tattoos too.


After the party at the store, we got invited to the “private dinner” which was really just an after party across the street at 1881 Heritage! The after party consisted of lots more drinking, mini-burgers that I KEPT ON MISSING, super yummy lemon tart thingies on spoons and fake-out cheeses sticks! The after party was followed by our very own after after party at BLT Burger where I FINALLY got to satisfy my BURGER craving since I kept missing the mini-burger guy ):

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Going to attempt to blog more…since I FINALLY set up my home computer! See you guys soon!!!!!!!


  1. fantastic photos~~~
    I love Theyskens’ Theory and omg, Olivier Theyskens is so pretty!
    loved your outfit and those shoes look great on you :DDD
    xoxo Diana

  2. Ahhh, looks like such a fun night, you’re so lucky!

  3. I love the print on your sweater! Looks nice (: Glad that you had such a good time at the event, the photographs are wonderful. Have a good weekend!

  4. Bag!! Sweater!! Shoes!! Cool outift altogether :) Love the snapshots of the other fashionistas at the event. And yesssssssssssss blog more!! xo


  5. Ah! So cool! Looks like you had a great time! I’m so jealous :o You look great :)

  6. LOVE your blog, just found it via Carmen’s. Do you know who the envelope clutch is by? I didn’t see it in the post, I probably missed it!~

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